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Friday, February 02, 2007
If You Can't Stand The Heat
Then You Must Not Be Here
It is almost ironic that a day after some E=MC square head blames most global warming on humans that Holabird, South Dakota has -30 wind chill values. If one was to go outside, they'd be colder that Oprah Winfrey's heart. They'd be stiffer that Bob Dole on-well, pretty darn stiff.
Still Mary Hinkle had to get her teeth looked at by the dentist in Miller. As it happens, that's all the guy did. Mary has to go back on Tuesday. She'll be OK though. She has a huge pot of soup on the stove.
No BS for Doug Hinkle
Wegner Auto will not be seeing former Chrysler Specialist, Doug Hinkle, at the Blizzard Sale. He left for Gillette, Wyoming for a fire fighting school after getting off work today. Doug's big brother, Jerry Hinkle was hoping to take him out for dinner at BS so they could check out the Eagle Talon listed #238 on the sale bill. Jerry needs this car about as much as Mary Hinkle needs another hole in her mouth. Chances are that the car will be sold before Jerry gets out of bed tomorrow morning anyway.
With -30 wind chills, Allan and Dot Hansen may even stay home, even though their granddaughter, Capitol Area Junior Miss Megan Meier, will be one of the beauty queens on display at BS this year.
If you need more BS go to: http://www.wegnerauto.com/
Gary Haiwick Turns Horse Trader
The Haiwick Ranch has consigned 7 2006 AQHA Horses to the February 19 Corsica Horse sale. His lot includes: 2 Buckskin Stud Colts, 2 Bay Roan Stud Colts, a Bay Stud Colt, and a Bay Filly, all out of an own son of Ciderwood. There is also a Sorrel Stud Colt out of Airel Orphan Drift. All 7 colts show Snippy's Driftwood by Snippys Cowboy on their papers twice. Gary Haiwick claims that they are pictured with their papers on his website. Go to http://www.haiwickranch.com/ and see if Gary has any horse sense.
We Thought He Was A Genius
Now We Know He Is For Sure
Bloggers to the left of me, bloggers to the right of me
by Richard Harter
The romance between Hyde County and the blogosphere continues apace. Since my last editorial there have been two more local residents starting blogs. Currently we have:
Jerry Hinkle
The Holabird Advocate
John Zilverberg
My Opinion by John Zilverberg
Ana Nemec
Tales Of A College Girl
Rita Mosquita
Rita's Ramblings
Properly speaking, neither Ana nor Rita are Hyde county residents. Ana is a college student attending South Dakota State University where she is studying something. Rita is (or was as the case may be) a teacher in Denver, Colorado. Rita has a nice blog article entitled I Am No Longer an Unknown! about being discovered by the Hyde county contingent.
It should be pointed out that John Zilverberg is, was, or will have been 92; I have had to concede seniority to him. Both John and Jerry are residents of Holabird (population 38) which makes it a veritable hotbed of Internet activity. These days I rely upon The Holabird Advocate for all of the Hyde County news that the Highmore Herald does not see fit to print.

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