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Friday, January 05, 2007
The Holabird Advocate Listed On Placeblogger
Placeblogging is becoming the new thing. The Holabird Advocate Circulation Department reports that our little Newsblog has been listed on the soon to be famous Placeblogger site. You can check out our listing at http://www.placeblogger.com/placeblog/holabird-advocate
Mary Jo Nemec has invited our Publisher to that Facebook site. As long as he doesn't come across those co-ed that get moist at the mention of John Thune, he just might start something over there. He's still thinking about it.
No Cure for "Mad Cow" Yet
Yesterday our Publisher was listening to "Agra Talk" on KGFX while grinding corn. There was a biological expert (whose name he can't recall just now) who said that a cure for BSE, commonly known as "Mad Cow Disease", was 10 years away at least.
It should be mentioned that nobody on the Ponderosa has ever seen a mad cow, but Victor Nemec got a little too close to an slightly upset heifer while helping out the Hinkles once. That's as close as anyone wants to come to it as well!
Hinkles Get A Move On
Mary Hinkle decided it was time to get E.E. Hinkle's "Walker" (tread mill) and give it a work out. Jerry Hinkle was hoping it could be put in the living room so he could walk and watch TV, but the motor makes so much noise that one can't hear the television at all, so they put it in the Holabird Advocate home office. Great Job Hinkles!
Excerpt From The Rural Blog http://www.uky.edu/CommInfoStudies/IRJCI/blog.htm
What is placeblogging? Using a Web site to report on a community
"One of the more interesting experiments in citizen journalism had its official unveiling this week," Dan Kennedy writes in his Media Nation blog. He's writing about Placeblogger, constructed by Lisa Williams, whose h2otown blog covers Watertown, Mass.
Placeblogger "is an attempt to link to every local blog in the world, and to make some sense of this growing phenomenon, Kennedy writes. "What's a placeblog? It's a term coined by Williams to describe a Web site that covers a community. A leading example would be her own site," which Kennedy profiled from Common Wealth magazine a year ago.
To read that story, click here.
Placeblogger is a joint project of the Center for Citizen Media and New York University professor Jay Rosen's Press Think. It offers "a directory of every placeblog Williams can find ... as well as her own efforts to make order out of chaos," Kennedy writes. Williams thinks there may be as many as 1,000. "There are really way more of these than anyone knows," she said at an event sponsored at Harvard last August by the Center for Citizen Media.
"Are placebloggers journalists?" Kennedy asks. "Well, yes and no. And, of course, it depends on the blog. Williams defines a placeblog as being 'about the lived experience of a place.' The blog may 'commit random acts of journalism,' she adds, but it's not a newspaper." (Read more)
A sense of place is important is rural areas, and some have blogs.
Examples include Kingston Springs, Tenn., Maysville, Ky., Holabird, S.D., Palin, Colo., Paulding, Ga., and Onslow County, N.C.

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