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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Getting Cold Out There-So Put on All Your Clothes

Another artic blast of winter is blowing through Mitchell. at 6am, it was 18 degrees. By the time we got the home office opened at 10, it was 11 degrees. At least it's above zero today. By all reports, tomorrow the temps will not be able to climb above zero, so enjoy the warm weather while you can!

Noem to Hold Town Hall

Word came yesterday that Representative Kristi Noem Will be hosting a town hall meeting at the Highland Conference Center Friday morning at 10:30am. Our Publisher is currently wondering if he should book a reservation to this deal. He is leaning toward doing just that, mostly because he missed meeting John Thune. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate feel that the best way to find out what our hired help is doing is to here it from them when they aren't up for re-election. The bonus here is that there will be other people who have issues and concerns, and he'd like to here what they have on their minds as well!

Gomer Pyle Gets Married-to a Feller?

Jim Nabors, who delighted America as Gomer Pyle in two different CBS TV shows, has always been the subject of speculation, as to whether or not he was gay. now that he has married his male companion of 38 years in Seattle,Washington. Friends and co-workers knew about this part of his life. The general public, however, never knew for sure until now. There were whispers about this that reached all the way to Holabird and beyond. As the years went by fewer and fewer people cared. As for all of us here at the Holabird Advocate, we who were fans of his still are, and we join the rest of his fans in wishing he, and his husband well.

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