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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Publisher Goes on Working Vacation´╗┐

     Our courageous Dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, has 2.5 days away from his paying job, so he will be able to spend more time here at the home office and chasing down stories or thinking up adventures to write about. So far there hasn't been very much. A man stopped by the office a few days back to see if Jerry could act as his internet consultant. He was due to show up today, but the gentleman's wife is in the Hospital. Also one of Jerry's Wesleyan brothers has asked him to stop by Vern Eide to check out a new car that is on sale for less than $13,000. If he can find time, we just might film that as a segment for the Jerry Hinkle Program on YouTube

CherryBerry Yogurt Bar is Chill

     Jerry also found time to visit the CherryBerry Yogurt Bar. It was 8 degrees with a wind chill of -25 below, so as you can imagine, there wasn't much of a crowd. A young, possibly married couple was there with a young boy who may have been their son. In any case he was a very well behaved young man. The young lady at the counter explained the procedure to Jerry. There is a wide selection of yogurts from which to choose, all self service. there is also a fine selection of toppings. Once the customer gets done filling the bowl, it is weighed, and the customer pays 42 cents an ounce. Jerry bought $7 worth of yogurt and when he left he was still a little hungry. First World hungry that is!

Inauguration Yays and Nays by Jerry Hinkle

This is a new segment that I've devised as a way of review, I hope y'all like it!
Yay: To the process, outlined by the Constitution, that we install a President every 4 years or whenever a vacancy is created. Our nation is one of very few that have had 225 years of peaceful transitions of power
and even though President Obama wasn't voted in by everyone, he is still our President, like it or not.
Yay: To using 2 Bibles and adding "So help me God' to the oath. There has been some controversy as to whether or not George Washington was the first to add those words and as an encore, kiss the Bible. I'm glad President Obama adhered to that tradition as far as he did. It was a nice touch to borrow Bibles from Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King.
Yay: To the music. From Beyonce's performance of our National Anthem, which even lip synced is better than most people can sing anyhow, to the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir's "Battle Hymn of the Republic", and Kelly Clarkson with "My Country 'Tis of Thee". Each of these performances were very moving and stirred up a feeling of American pride inside me.
Nay: To Katy Perry's improper choice of song to sing in front of children. It was bad enough she dressed as awfully as she did, then she did that nightmare of a song. That was one YouTube video that I was glad to end prematurely.
Yay:To the speech that President Obama made. Parts of it reminded me of some of the reasons I voted for him-the first time. Did I agree with it? Not totally, but still a good speech! The bit about global warming gave me a chuckle, since it was 8 degrees with a -25 wind chill in beautiful downtown Mitchell at that time. if he gives the same speech in July, I'd be more inclined to agree! 
Nay: To the 6 minute poem. Call me old fashioned, but poetry has to rhyme for me to enjoy it, or it's just another short story!
This is just my analysis. I may have missed some things and added some other things. In any case feel free to let me know what you gave a Yay or nay to, and I might share it with the rest! God be with you and do the best you can!

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