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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Publisher Goes on an Adventure

     Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, knows that sometimes the best way to get things to happen in life, one has to make them happen. Jerry can't always rely on just falling into a good story. Sometimes one has to chase it down. 
     With that in mind, he left the comfort of beautiful downtown Mitchell and ventured up into North Mitchell to see what was shaking. His first stop as Coburn's, a store that is part of a small chain in South Dakota. There is another one in Huron, or at least there was. On the way up there, he saw that the Burger King, which had been demolished, had been rebuilt since he's been that way last several months ago. More about that later.
     Now as you know, when real men shop, they don't always buy something. As it happens, Jerry didn't grab a cart. He is more likely to buy something if he grabs a cart. As he explored the store, he saw all kinds of exotic seafood, such as stuffed crab and tilapia. He also saw some bacon wrapped pork loin. But it wasn't until he saw a 45 oz. tub of generic "Can't believe it's not butter"  type sandwich spread. He picked it up, along with some generic garlic flavored lunch meat. he carried them both throughout the duration of his jaunt, until arriving at his ultimate destination, the checkout counter. Jerry paid with cash, because the last time he bought something at Coburn's with a check, and the clerk wanted to see his drivers license right after the bagger said, "Would you like to use our pick-up service, Jerry?" and the shock of the bagger knowing who he was, while the clerk did not was too much for him. It was less of a hassle to peel off some cash!
     After placing the purchased item in the trunk of his car, because when it is 8 degrees outside, Jerry doesn't have to worry that anything will melt. Then he headed toward Burger King, where he ordered an Italian chicken sandwich meal. It was a relaxing end to a very exciting afternoon!

Church Throws Benefit Talent Show 

     FUMC in Mitchell is putting on a talent show this afternoon at 4pm to help fund part of the Youth mission to Kentucky later on this year. Even though our Publisher is not a member of that church, he has elected to support their efforts. It is Jerry's understanding that people of all ages are able to participate. However the only talent he will display is writing out a check for an amount which will not be made public. 

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