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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Holabird Advocate Wishes All Happy Elvismas

It was 78 years ago that Vernon and  Gladys Presley welcomed twin boys into the world, Jesse didn't make it, but his brother Elvis outlived him by more than 42 years and made a big impact on the world during his lifetime. Even today people claim Elvis lives, because they just can't bear the thought of someone that good not being with us anymore. Happy Birthday Elvis!

Giffords and Husband Say "Enough"

The gun control issue just isn't going away. In an interesting bit of timing, today is also the second anniversary of when Representative Gabby Giffords was shot. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate watched part of her interview with poor excuse for a journalist, Diane Sawyer. From what we saw, both Giffords and her American hero hubby claim to both be gun owners and supporters of the 2nd amendment. They also claim that congress has not done enough to stop gun violence in this country. Apparently the Brady bill, which Bill Clinton claimed would be the magic cure-all for this problem isn't doing the job. So what is the solution? We are just as stymied to find an answer as everyone else. looks like we'll have to keep asking the question until someone comes up with the answer!

70 Year Old Man Marries 15 Year Old Girl by Stacy Carey

     A man, 70, married a 15-year-old in Saudi Arabia, but then complained to local officials that the family had ripped him off in the deal they made. CNN reported the details Jan. 8 of the situation that has caught the attention of human rights workers and many worried about the continuing issues around the world with child marriage. The man refused to give his name to CNN, but said that the girl's family had sold her to him for an amount of about $20,000.
     According to CNN, the man complained to a local official after he says the girl's family took her back. The man, 70, married the 15-year-old girl who is said to be from the Al-Hurath village in the Jizan province of Saudi Arabia. The human rights workers told CNN that they don't believe the man's account in its entirety. They believe the man and the teen had a fight, and she went back to her family on her own. They are reaching out to her in hopes they can offer help to her. Despite the enormous age difference and accusations that the girl was sold to the man, she will have to go to court to formally dispute the marriage.
     At this time there is no minimum age requirement for marriage in Saudi Arabia, though there are groups that have tried to push through and advocate that something be set. Conservative religious scholars in the area have opposed this. This report has definitely upset many on Twitter, who find it abominable that all of the adults involved in this situation let this happen to the young girl. Though there are no names publicly released, people hope that human rights workers are able to connect with the young girl and help her resolve these issues. Many are shocked that it is possible for a 70-year-old man to marry a 15-year-old girl when it seems it is not what she wants.

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