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Monday, January 07, 2013

America Flu the Coop

     All of us here at the Holabird Advocate have been observing the panic over the latest flu outbreak with a mixture of amusement and concern. The big question all over the country seems to be, "Did you get your flu shot?" One woman that we saw on Facebook replied "Yes I did! If you didn't stay away from me!" This caused us to chuckle just a tad, because she had a flu shot, but is afraid to be around people that haven't. Sound like she wasted the $5 if that's all the faith she has in her flu shot. It's like she's saying that the flu shot is like the insurance you buy, then when you put in a claim, it's no good.
     We are concerned to see, however, that the nationwide scope of the current outbreak is being caused by a strain of flu that isn't covered in this year's flu shot (more insurance talk). All of us here at the Holabird Advocate have never quite trusted the flu shot. Our Publisher's Grandma, Bergit Hinkle always got the flu after getting her flu shot, as do so many others. The media likes to say that the flu is worse without the shot than with it, But our Publisher will take his chances. He elects to "Pray the flu away" using Psalm 91, and has only had the flu once in 20 years. Of course should any of you Readers try that, your results may vary.

Kansas Cats in the Cradle

Earlier this year we reported on a city in Kansas that limited the number of cats to 4 per household. Why would anyone want more than that number. On the farm, yes, they keep the mice and rats occupied. In the city 5 cats in one house seems excessive. In fact the city of Wellington, Kansas had to put 231 stray cats to sleep last year.

Publisher's Notes by Jerry Hinkle

I'd like to take time out to let everyone know that in case you were offended by anything you read here, be glad you never see what I decline to put in here. I have many ideas that never make it to the front page. One such thing was a real war on women to make fun of the liberal claim that the Republicans were waging one. Of course, I pulled back when I realized that over half of my audience was female, and a good many of them might not see through the satire. Also family get togethers would be less awkward because my mother, her 4 sisters, my 5 nieces, and the legion of girl cousins might slip some milk of magnesia in my coffee, or when I'm not ready, give me a spinning back kick to the groin. Take my word for it, anyone who truly wages a war on women will lose. Take Chuck Norris. People think he's invincible. The reason? Ne never fights with a woman! As Grandma used to tell Grandad, "You can be right or you can be happy"
I was also going to write about another example of how the poor are not getting poorer. I was going to recall that my mother's family was so poor that her younger sister got married in "her" wedding dress. I changed my mind about slanting the story that way because back in the 60's it was a more pratical time. Kids didn't need their own bedroom back then, so perhaps, since Mom's parents already paid for the dress, they gave it a second showing. Mom and Aunt Jo had to share so much growing up, and the dress was just one more thing. One of the laidies I work with is getting a $500 dress, and speaks of it as if it is nothing. Yes indeed, a lot has changed in 50 years! God be with you and do the best you can!

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