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Monday, August 03, 2009
I have to admit that I wasn't too wild about President Obama having that Harvard man and one of Cambridge's finest over to the White House for beer. My Cousin Kevin and a good friend of mine, Big J, helped me see that the beer was just a tool for the real purpose: understanding.My rebel daughter in law once told me that Jesus was an alcoholic. The Pharisees of his time called him a drunkard as well. Honestly, you turn water into wine one time, and all the sudden you're as drunk. There is something about alcohol that seems to foster good will, until someone overdoes it and the law must be brought in. Jesus ate and drank with sinners like tax collectors, prostitutes, and yes, the drunks, because these were the people that needed to hear his message of hope. He went where they were. He showed them kindness instead of putting them down and keeping them there. God is Love. The God of Judgement that people find in the Bible is going to judge not on morality, but on the love that one shows for their neighbor and for God himself (or herself, rent the movie "Dogma" one time).Obama knew that if these two men could get together on somewhat neutral ground and get to know each other as people, the things that caused the whole stink to begin with wouldn't matter. I personally don't understand why someone would feel the need to break into their own home with a crowbar, but I don't have to. I can understand why someone would see two people doing that and feel the need to call the police. I can understand why a police officer would use due diligence to make sure a crime didn't take place. I wasn't there when the deal went down, so I'll not get into that. I just hope that this whole thing gets resolved peacefully and with as much situation as all concerned can muster.
When I first came to DWU, I was nobody. I was just an old fat guy from some wide spot on the road called Holabird that few ever heard about, and fewer even cared about, but something happened. Koinonia helped me to get to know my fellow students, and vice verse. Koinonia is Greek for Togetherness, or possibly Communion. It is a time of fellowship and sharing a meal that helps us not only put behind the pressure as students we feel during the week, but it helps us get to know each other, not only as people, but as children of God. Apart from koinonia, I randomly met (or so it would seem in a worldly POV) a young man named Colin Duffy, who eventually became known as my Rebel Son. He and his lady friend Jessica could have just as easily washed both hands of me, but for some reason we have managed to become almost nearly just about family. I think the world of both of them. We've not always seen eye to eye on things, we get on each others nerves, but we still keep our lines of communication open. If only my biological family could do that!
The bottom line is that when you let love and understanding into your heart and life, you can change the world in ways both big and small. Sometimes all it takes is a little bread and wine, a beer at the White House, a common meal, or even a little Captain Morgan, to bring the thing about. DWU President Dr. Duffet has promised that when he's not busy he's going to have a drink with me at Java City so we can talk about things. It hasn't happened yet, but I know his heart is in the right place. The best thing about drinking is that is keeps your hand to full to make a fist!

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