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Monday, August 04, 2008
Mitchell Invaded By Motorcycles

It must be time for the Sturgis Rally, because half of the vehicles on the streets of Mitchell are motorcycles. Even in the downtown area the unmistakable thunder of a Harley engine can be heard at all hours. In the evening, these bikers gotta sleep and eat. They find a motel, and those with good taste order Pizza Hut Delivery. It's been reported that bikers are good tippers, but nobody tips the dishwasher.

Of course there is a certain element that like to cause trouble, so there's always got to be one guy sleeping outside with the bikes. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope it's not the same guy every time. Ya'll take turns, now! Welcome to Mitchell!

No Hinkle Reunion

Mary Hinkle found out that faith alone will not make a Hinkle reunion. Doug Hinkle is on call for Pierre's Bravest, and Darrel Hinkle is trying to get a crop out of the ground among other things.
In the event Jerry Hinkle is able to get away, he will most likely go to the non-reunion, now known as "Andy's wedding" There won't be very many Hinkle's there, but quite a few relatives of another variety will be there. Not many, but a few. We will be withholding certain details about the wedding, since it is an "invitation only" deal, and if you weren't among those who were invited to this deal, HARD CHEESE!

A Modest Proposal

by Jerry Hinkle

courageous dynamic Publisher

of the Holabird Advocate

Some time ago, I had joined in on the chorus of those who are wondering if Senator Tim Johnson was going to debate his opponent at Dakota Fest, or anywhere else for that matter, and if he should do the same. Of course, every problem has a solution, and over the weekend, I came up with one. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than none at all.

I remembered back in 1980, when Jim Abnor was either unwilling or unable to debate George McGovern. A fellow Republican came forward, debated McGovern, and some may say that he won the election for Abnor. Now, Getting Bill Janklow to debate on behalf of Senator Johnson would be a real stretch. Besides, his heart wouldn't be in it. We need a Democratic Bill Janklow. we need a lawyer, who is well versed in the policy of his party, and if possible, the candidate. Someone with the passion to see that both sides of an issue get heard. But Mostly, we need someone who is both willing and able to speak on behalf of Senator Tim Johnson. At first I thought of Tom Daschle, but then, he's too much of a "D.C. Resident". Besides that, he was supposedly too busy to debate Ron Schmidt back in 1998.

Then I thought, what about Todd Epp? Mr. Epp is a lawyer, a Democrat, he may have to be briefed on Johnson's voting record, but I understand that's a common occurrence when the debater is speaking on his or her own behalf anyway. He can and does speak well. If I needed a lawyer and could afford him, he'd be it!
You know, I'd better start reading his blog again. In case he's a Dykstra supporter. In any case, keep praying for both Johnson and Dykstra. Also pray for wisdom on Election Day. Hopefully Florida won't try to vote for Mickey Mouse, and Oho won't vote in Charlie Brown!


Thanks for the compliment. However, I think Tim will be able to do just fine on his own against Joel if that's what he decides to do. Plus, I think son Brendan would be a better stand in for his dad than me.

Best regards,

Todd D. Epp, Esq.
SD Watch, http://www.southdakotawatch.net
That remains to be seen, I guess. I'm not familiar with Brendan Johnson's verbal or legal skills. Let's hope I don't find out the hard way!
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