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Friday, August 22, 2008

Mr. And Mrs. Andrew Lennick
One Week ago tonight the man to your left took the lady to your far left to be is lawfully wedded wife. Many of Andrew and Jennifer's friends and family came to see them as they made their own vows. There was laughter and tears, but more importantly, there was love. The easy part is over for them. After all, getting married is easy, for some it's easier than others. The Hard part is staying married. Of course, you need to have love, but it takes more than that. It takes faith and hope as well. Andy and Jen asked God to bless their union by their actions on Friday last. One part of the ceremony that struck a cord with Andy's Godfather, Jerry Hinkle is that there were 3 "I do" responses. Andy said it, Jen said it, and the congregation said it. That was an interesting way to show Andy and Jen that they are not alone in this. It also shows the witnesses that Andy and Jen are truly one flesh and that God wants them to support Andy and Jen in any way possible. With most people, they just show up to a wedding, and drop off a gift. This time the guests made a lifetime commitment of support. That means more than any wedding gift ever could.
Naturally all of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish the happy couple well, and will continue to do so until death parts either them or us.
Poetry Corner
Submitted by Roxie Goehring
"Went to a party Mom"
I went to a party,
And remembered what you said.
You told me
not to drink, Mom,
so I had a sprite instead.
I felt proud of myself,
The way you said I would,
that I didn't drink and drive,
though some friends said I should.
I made a healthy choice,
And your advice to me was right.
The party finally ended,
and the kids drove out of sight.
I got into my car,
Sure to get home in one piece.
I never knew what was coming, Mom, something I expected least.
Now I'm lying on the pavement,
And I hear the policeman say,
the kid that caused this wreck was drunk,
Mom, his voice seems far away.
My own blood's all around me,
As I try hard not to cry.
I can hear the paramedic say,
this girl is going to die.
I'm sure the guy had no idea,
While he was flying high.
Because he chose to drink and drive,
now I would have to die.
So why do people do it, Mom
Knowing that it ruins lives?
And now the pain is cutting me,
like a hundred stabbing knives.
Tell sister not to be afraid, Mom
Tell daddy to be brave.
And when I go to heaven,
put ' Mommy's Girl' on my grave.
Someone should have taught him,
That it's wrong to drink and drive.
Maybe if his parents had,
I'd still be alive
My breath is getting shorter,
Mom I'm getting really scared
These are my final moments,
and I'm so unprepared.
I wish that you could hold me Mom,
As I lie here and die.
I wish that I could say, 'I love you, Mom!'
So I love you and good-bye.
Fun with YouTube
Bazooka Zooka Bubble Gum-Some Gum!
by Jerry Hinkle
Today's edition of our little Newsblog was a little more serious in tone than usual, but now we'll have some fun. This is a video that my niece, Kaitlin Pothast, showed me and it has had me hooked on YouTube ever since. My other nieces and nephews like it too! I hope ya'll do as well!

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