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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
"Anne Frank" Opens

Opening Day of "The Diary of Anne Frank" was well received. Todd County School was the audience this afternoon. The scenes with Anne and Peter received a healthy round of applause. Jerry Hinkle managed to behave himself through most of the play, there were some rough spots.

Tomorrow there will be a matinee and an evening performance. Jerry will have to get up early to get to the morning "Jesus" class to make up the one he'll miss in the afternoon. Brandon and Vicki Vetter will be at the Pepsi Cola Theater on Opening Night. That's reason enough to make it special, but you never know who else is going to show. Of course the three Goehring Girls are scheduled to bring their husbands, their mother, and one may even bring her daughter on Friday night. That will be another special occasion. Reverend Boyd Blumer and his wife will be in attendance on Saturday night. Of course you never know when those cute blonds will show up. Jerry will always have to give 100%. To do less would not be the Hinkle way!

Publisher to have "Dogs Life" in May

When Jerry Hinkle went to the Easter dinner at the Vetter house last Sunday, he was the only one to show up. That may have been a point in his favor. When it was discovered that Jerry would be in Kornfield County over the Summer, he was offered the chance to house sit for Brandon and Vicki Vetter while Brandon is in Africa on the DWU Mission Trip and Vicki is seeing in Kentucky and Bismarck, North Dakota. The job also entails looking after Jack. They have three qualifications for this job. The person must love dogs, which Jerry does. He or she must get along with Jack, and Jack took to Jerry right off. the third is that whomever gets selected has to stay at the house for two weeks. That won't be a problem either. It's been a while since Jerry walked a dog, and he's never walked a half husky half German Shepard before. Still, not every lesson in life is in a classroom.
North of 40:Midlife job perks
by Red Green
In every job there are little extras that make the position more desirable. For some it's a signing bonus, for others it's a title. Here are some job perks that would appeal to the average middle-aged guy:
Coffee on an I.V. drip.
Office near the men's room.
Voice-activated computer so you don't have to reach around your stomach to access the keyboard.
Large font inter-office memos.
Phone set up for outgoing calls only.
No office parties. Ever.
The boss is older than you.

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