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Friday, March 21, 2008
Happy Holidays!
We have all kinds of Holiday here. It's the first day of Spring, the second day of Passover, and since tonight is the first full moon of Spring, Easter is just two days away. That makes today Good Friday. That means you've got to get your potatoes planted.
Spring is here at last. Squirrels are out of hibernation and scurrying along the sidewalks. That's a sure sign of spring. Of course, Kornfield County has a 30% chance of snow today and tomorrow, so don't put the winter garb in the attic just yet.
Anne Frank a "No Show" in Huron.
There were plans to take "The Diary of Anne Frank" on the road, but no suitable venue can be found. If you want to see this production, it looks like the Pepsi Cola Theatre is not only your best bet, it's your only bet.
During intermission last night, director Dan Miller told Jerry Hinkle that his acting was getting better all the time. Then after intermission Jerry messed up on his second line. He still got back on the old horse and rode it on through.
Publisher's "Family" Gets Bigger
Jerry Hinkle felt honored when Dick Solmonson from the Methodist church started calling him "Brother". He'd be Jerry's older brother on top of that. As it turns out, Jerry discovered the reason for that is he couldn't remember Jerry's first name. Cheer up, Bub! At least he didn't call you "Sister"!
There is good news. Brandon and Vicki Vetter are expecting their first child in October. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate feel sure that they will make excellent parents. They've done wonders parenting our Publisher. He now knows to take his shoes off at the door, to sit at the table at meal time during Koinonia, and more importantly, not to overstay his welcome. As a matter of fact, Jerry has been invited to the Easter Seder at the Vetter home this Sunday. Since this is the first time in over a month he hasn't had to work at the Hut on a Sunday, he decided to take them up on it.

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