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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Time For Another Break
Spring Break was over a couple weeks ago. Now Easter break looms ahead. Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, had to hit the ground running to keep up with the kids in Ethics and Public Policy. The classroom portion of that class is over as of last Saturday, Now Jerry has to do a book review. The book he's reviewing is on the way. He has until the end of April to do it, but that will be here before you know it.
Jerry has to work at the Hut on Good Friday and Vigil Saturday until 10 pm. Then he has to rehearse "Anne Frank" at 6:30 pm on Easter Sunday. So it looks like he'll be sticking close to Mitchell during the actual Easter break.
Publisher Gets Exercise Buddy
The worst part of the end of Ethics and Public policy is that Jerry Hinkle will miss his new best friend, Ms. Herman. She will probably not miss him so much, but she did give him a hug on the last day of class, which was better than he deserved. He saw her yesterday. When she asked how his day was, he replied, "How can I have a bad day when you're here?" Her response: "Jerry, you're too much!" Jerry then made a crack about how he needed to lose 30 lbs buy next Thursday, and she offered to work out with him. Jerry knows that the odds of them actually "working out" are slim, since it has only been through the grace of God they became friends in the first place. And yet, if it's God's will, it'll happen. Jerry has had workout buddies who wanted to to play basketball or run 2 miles, but Ms. Herman is not that kind of gal! If Jerry exercised the rest of his body as much as he did his vocal chords, he wouldn't need an exercise buddy, because people would think he was anorexic or something like that.
Get those Orders in!
Any and all people who haven't done so better get their tickets to "The Diary of Anne Frank" while the getting his good. There have been 700 tickets sold since the ticket office opened last week. There are no Reserve Tickets, it's all General Admission.
North of 40:Dangerous signs
by Red Green
I was in a department store the other day, and I had a very unsettling feeling. Although the store carried thousands of different items in a variety of styles and colors, I had this sense that there was nothing here that I really needed. Not one thing in the store that was going to make enough of a difference in my life to make it worth the purchase. I was turning into a marketer's worst nightmare -- the reluctant consumer. I always read about how advertisers want the younger market. They're not interested in advertising to guys like me. I'm beginning to understand why. We've run out of money, interest and storage space. And we've lost the naive optimism that got us to buy things like hot tubs and expensive sunglasses. We see ourselves as we really are, and it makes us very difficult to manipulate. The only sales tool they have left is sex and the clock is ticking, believe me.

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