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Friday, March 07, 2008
Spring Break is Over
For the chosen few in the Public Service class of Ethics and Public Policy, Spring break cam to an abrupt end. It was 11 degrees outside as Jerry Hinkle made his way to the McGovern Library tonight to start the second unit in the class with Dr. Tracy Campbell. The text is Dr. Campbell's book "Deliver the Vote". Jerry read the first six chapter and strained his eyes to do it. The time was well spent at any rate.
Tomrrow the class runs from 10 am-4pm, then Jerry has to get to Pizza Hut at 5 for another another round of dishwashing to pay for the dinner he had on Wednesday and to make part of this month's rent.
Postcard From Home
by Mary Hinkle
I just read Doug Lund's blog about Rory Hoffman. He is a great musician. We met him in Faulkton when he was playing in the same band as Todd Goehring. They were there playing for the 4th of July dance and came up to Dianne's for picnic on the 4th. He is fabulous!! I have his CD Blind Faith and listen to it frequently.
We went to Huron yesterday for Dad's annual checkup. He will know results later. Tuesday we had township meeting here. Ron, Tim, Ben, and Linda were here. Wednesday was school land auction. Darrel went to it; but didn't get it. Ogles outbid him at $33.00 an acre. Ryan Rittel's school land went for $47 to Kevin Baloun.
Justin is staying here tonight and sleeping in your bed. Brittany, Darrel, and Kristi are going to the BB gun shoot in Parkston Saturday and they are staying overnight in Mitchell tonight so they can swim. Shelby is staying with Grandma Ruby. I am doing the prayer breakfast again Saturday. Darrel has had the flu this week along with a lot of kids at school. They will try and get in touch with you while they are in Mitchell. Doug and Noel are taking Cade to Sioux Falls for another wrestling match tomorrow. That's about all from here. Love, Mom
Publisher's Notes
by Jerry Hinkle
I will have to read what Mr. Lund has to say about Rory Hoffman. "Blind Faith in Hymn" is one of his best albums in my opinion. It's worth a listen. I remember meeting him at Dianne's picnic, he's quite a guy.
Glad to see that Valley Township is doing fine without me. Also glad you have my good buddy safe and warm in my bedroom, but remember my bed is here. I brought it with me. I plan on having morning vittles with Darrel, Kristi and Brit at the Hampton Inn. Sure beats Cabela's. I am usually awake at 6am anyhow doing prayer and my Upper Room bible lesson.
Still haven't picked up my donuts. may have to bring them to class tomorrow in case i get hungry between between 10 and 4. And a Dr. Pepper too, I suppose!

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