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Thursday, March 06, 2008
Clinton and Winter Make Comeback
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate were shocked and amazed that Hillary Clinton did so well in the latest round of primary voting. Obama won Vermont, but Clinton took Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island. Our Publisher still insists that he's gonna ride the Obama train all the way to Victory, or at least Labor Day. In fact, if the unlikely happens and Obama does has ta manana El Bucket, Jerry will switch to McCain. May E.E. Hinkle forgive him! One damper on Clinton's campaign is that we've heard reports that the voting that took place in Florida's primary was messed up somehow and they may have to do it over again.
Another impressive comeback is the winter weather. Two inches of snow, blowing snow and sleet have made getting around in Mitchell rather interesting for some folks. So much for the early Spring, eh! We feel especially sorry for the geese that started flying north. Some of them are stuck in Cabela's artificial duck pond.
Publisher Goes Wild-For Donuts
This morning, Jerry Hinkle, Publisher of the Holabird Advocate, has gone wild again. He was listening to KOOL 98 like he usually does. When they did their "Dead or Alive" game, Jerry decided to go for the gold. In "Dead or Alive" the announcer give the clue of a certain celebrated personage. The first caller to declare whether said personage is alive or if they've has ta manana El Bucket, so to speak, wins a half dozen donuts from the Daylight Donuts shop, which is just a 4 block walk from McGovern Hall. Jerry's clue was Harry Morgan, who played Col. Potter on MASH. Jerry not only knew that "Col. Potter" was alive and well, but that he was born in 1915, so he's going to be 93 this year, Good Lord willing. Jerry drove to the radio station, getting there just as the sleet started in. He got back home with little trouble.
Spring Break hasn't been all fun and play. He did some charity work for the church at Pizza Hut. The managing server even caught Jerry trying to clean his plate with a napkin ("Force of habit", Jerry says). Jerry did manage to get quite a bit of reading done for Ethics and Public Policy, which should make Dr. Simmons and Jerry's new best friend, Ms. Herman, happy. That is, providing he retains any of it. He's also read part of the "January 1914" book for World History. He is also getting ready to go "off book" for "Anne Frank" by Monday. Most of his lines are memorized, it's just putting them in the right place that he's worried about.

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