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Monday, March 03, 2008
Bill Zilverberg Taken to Sanford Hospital

This morning we discovered that Bill Zilverberg, who grew up in the Holabird area, has been feeling ill for some time. Mary Jo Nemec, Bill's sister has submitted some of the details of the nature of what's ailing Bill, and we will present it as best we can.

Bill is in Sanford on the cardiac floor. He will have a blood transfusion. His kidneys aren’t working properly so the kidney dr. is coming in. The MRI at Huron showed a pinched nerve in his spine, that is probably why the arm is numb and the hand is swollen. He’s having more tests , they are watching his kidneys and heart, he’s hooked up to lots of machines.
Another update, Friday morning, Jeanne called saying he is still in lots of pain from his arm, shoulders and back due to the pinched nerve. His potassium is high due to some medication that he is on which is causing kidney failure…just talked to her again… Infection is a little better this morning so the potassium is leveled off. He did receive the transfusion last night. The swollen hand is now quite warm to the touch, the drs. took another MRI and they are stumped, they don’t know quite were to go next. But they are working on it. Cheryl and Bruce are going down today, Pastor Dick was just there.

He is still in lots of pain in his arm and the top of his hand is quite swollen. He’s pretty drugged up, so he kept falling asleep while Cheri was talking to him. I don’t know that they found out anything about what is causing the swelling. But the kidneys are functioning, he needs to drink more water, so Cheri got him to drink a glass while we were there. Kidneys can’t work if there’s nothing to work with!
They took Bill down and opened up his wrist, it was full of infection, so now they know why it was swollen but they can’t figure out where the infection is coming from. He will need another transfusion but they also don’t know where the blood is going, he is not passing blood. They continue to be stumped but they are working on it.

As of 5:30AM Monday March 3, Bill went to Sanford ICU. He had trouble breathing all night so they transferred him. Jean and Cheryl were going down right away. Interested parties can keep track of Bill on his Caring Bridge site:

Small Fire Brings out Big Guns

Our good freinds at KCCR report that an Oahe Inc. home was evacuated for a brief time Sunday after a coffee can full of discarded cigarettes started to burn.
Second Assistant Pierre Fire Chief Doug Hinkle says the can was located in the rear of the home, located at 1027 East Sioux Avenue. He says one cigarette ignited the others, causing smoke to drift into the home. Hinkle says about six residents were evacuated for only a few minutes. A cup of water was used to douse the flame. The fire was reported at about 7:30 a.m. Firefighters were on the scene for less than 15 minutes.

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