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Saturday, March 01, 2008
Family Reunion at DWU

Jerry Hinkle was surprised, and pleasantly so, to see his aunt, Dianne Macek, at DWU on Thursday afternoon. She was among those who were representing Presentation College at the "LAUNCH '08" conference at the Sherman Center at DWU. They caught up on all the family stuff, "Anne Frank" and Jerry even showed her his Naked bottle which he has been filling with water. There wasn't much time to talk, because she was between sessions, and Jerry had to get to Pizza Hut to order a pizza delivery. But Jerry did find out that Leanne Hoffman may also join those coming over for "Anne Frank". And it seems that the flu bug has made it to the Faulkton area. It's been going around Mitchell too, but Jerry has avoided it like the plague.

Thursday is Jerry's busy day. He has Intro to Lit at 9:30 (Where is that copy of "Elmer Gantry anyhow?), then Campus Worship (some call it "Chapel", how cute) at 1, MCC at noon, and "Jesus" at 1pm. Dianne caught Jerry at around 2:30. Jerry also had rehearsal at 5 and Ethics and Public Policy at 7. Jerry was asked how he does it. His answer is "I have supernatural help. Someone has been praying for me. More than one I reckon."
They Call it "Acting" For a Reason
Well, the Nazis have started pistol whipping Dr. Dussel. It had been suggested that Jerry Hinkle demand a stunt double in case his face gets hurt, but that isn't necessary. In the first place his face looks like it's been hurt already. Secondly, Jerry is never actually touched by the Nazi or his weapon. There was one time Jerry fell over and was so realistic that the actor playing the Nazi thought he had actually hurt Jerry. Like we said, his face is in no danger, no more than usual, anyway. The danger is with his hips and rib cage. Be careful, bub! You're not as young as you used to be.
Publisher's Notes
by Jerry Hinkle
I've made some changes to our little Newsblog. You may notice something different already. I am getting ready to join another network. I am not at liberty to report the name of the network or the principles involved. There will be an obviously noticeable change in format as we progress this month. Now you'll know why. More about that when the time comes.
The Hinkle Empire keeps expanding. Unlike Napoleon, we have conquered part of Russia. Also unlike Napoleon, we aren't in France. That's a good thing! We are in every Continent but Africa and South America. We'll either get there or we won't. I never thought I'd get out of Holabird!

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