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Monday, March 03, 2008
Special Report
Bill Zilverberg Gets Worse Moved To Minneapolis
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate were shocked to discover just how severe Bill Zilverberg's health situation has become. Mary Jo Nemec submited this from Joy Peterson, a sister in law to Bill's wife Jeanne Zilverberg:
Just heard from Cheryl, they will air lift Bill to Minneapolis as soon as they can, Jeanne will go in the plane, Cheri and Cheryl will driven from Sioux Falls, Joe is flying in from Oregon. Bill isn’t doing very well, he has a virus that can cause total rejection if it isn’t stopped. The Dr. said he hasn’t seen the worst of it yet.
I just talked to Jeanne. They are in Fairview hospital in Minneapolis, Bill is in ICU and he is sedated, he is not doing well and the worst is yet to come according to the lung dr in Sioux Falls. He has CMV which is a form of mono that lung transplant patients can get, he has had it before. The Sioux Falls Dr. thinks this is all through his body and will probably turn into Pneumonia but the Dr in Minneapolis can suck that out of his lungs where the lung Dr in Sioux Falls didn’t feel like he could do that as he is not a transplant Dr. So he suggested they get to MN, so that is how they got there so quickly. They do not have the laptop , so they cannot communicate but if you send a message to Fairview hospital like we did last time, I’m sure the nurses will give the messages to Bill. Keep praying guys, this seems serious!l

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