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Thursday, January 10, 2008
DWU Classes Continue
Tuesday was quite a day for Jerry Hinkle, as he was introduced to Literature in the Intro to Lit class at 9:30. There's a lot of reading and writing in this class. Including some in class and out of class reflection. Still, Jerry was looking to be challenged at DWU. And yet, somehow, he never thought things would be quite this challenging.
At 1pm, he had Life and Teachings of Jesus with Dr. Boyd Blumer. Wouldn't you know it, more reflection papers, and a big term paper at the end of class. A least Jerry doesn't have to do everything at once.
Tonight at 7 pm, Jerry has Ethics and Public Policy. He knows it won't be easy either, since it's a 320 class. At least it's only once a week, so he'll have ample time to do homework. Jerry has a class in the morning called Wellness and Life Fitness. If there was ever a class that Jerry could fail, this would be it. Of course, miracles do happen. Jerry's previous GPA proves that.
Sam the Bellhop Card Trick
Someone, and we can't remember who, sent us some video of this amazing card trick. We don't know how this Bill Malone character does this trick, but it is amazing. The story is pretty good too. Pay close attention to both the trick and the story, if you can! They're both pretty good.
North of 40:A state of mind
by Red Green
I've heard it said that age is a state of mind. Well, so is insanity. Age is a state of body. Our minds can take advantage of arrested development, but our bodies remain at large, armed and dangerous, careening the getaway car headlong into old age and infirmity. In our society, if you're not young, you're old. You'd better get ready for it. Some day soon you'll be riding a bus, and that pretty young thing that you've been sneaking a peek at will get up and offer you her seat. You better take it, because when that happens, you're going to need one. Now don't go nuts and run out and buy a red Ferrari or something. If you truly need a car, make it something conservative and normal. A Ferrari is a mid-life crisis, what you need is a mid-life Chrysler. Embrace the autumn of your life. If you don't, you're riding for a fall

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