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Monday, January 07, 2008
Christmas Is Over
Yesterday was the 12th day of Christmas, as well as the last lay of Christmas vacation for many DWU students, Jerry Hinkle among them. So did Jerry have a good Christmas? As the little Rascals would say, "AND HOW!". Not all 12 days were festive, He did have to work Christmas Eve. After that, Jerry did get up to the Ponderosa for a spell. He saw most of the kinfolks and all of that. But for Jerry the Christmas season closed a lot better than it opened.
Sunday, being not only the last day of Christmas, but also the first Sunday of the year, meant that it was time for Covenant Renewal, Something Jerry started on his own when he had communion just after midnight on New Years Day. Rev. Boyd Blumer was in charge of the service, while Pastor Hank Kor was on a mission to Haiti. Rev Blumer was assisted by Jerry good friend, Robbie Salmonson, who is a Senior at DWU, a gifted musician, and comes from a family that has as many ministers as Jerry's does ranchers ( sort of a family business). Robbie caught up to Jerry after the service to talk, since they hadn't seen each other since last year. Robbie also said that he and Jerry's old Clue-playing buddy, Vicki Swanson, got engaged over the break. This was no surprise, since he seldom saw one without the other. They both made an excellent choice. Given Robbie's family situation, as well as his standing in the Methodist Church, Jerry kept quiet about his usual, "$20 cheaper than any other minister" guarantee. He'll be lucky if he even gets invited. In case Vicki reads this, Professor Plum says "It's Miss Scarlett, in the Hall, with a Ring". The rest of us send the couple our most profound congratulations, as well as best wishes and prayers.
After a 4 hour shift at Pizza Hut, Jerry went to the Basketball game, just to see if there were any familiar faces around. Of course, Carol from the business office took tickets, but that was about it. That is until it was time to stand for the national anthem. instead of the recorded music, Jerry's good friend, and favorite songwriter, Ms. Amy Price sang the "Star Spangled Banner" without music, and did a great job at it, but then, that's what she does. Later on, at halftime, Jerry went to get his favorite Corn Palace treat, the Mississippi Mud Pie Ice Cream Sandwich. After giving up a dollar bill, and unwrapping the treat, he turned around and there again was Amy. She waved at him, so it only took Jerry 12-15 seconds to figure out what to do next. She told him that she hadn't done as much crocheting as she thought she would be doing over the break, but would help arrange for Jerry to get a pair of mittens with the approximate color of his scarf and hat.
Then it was back to the game. It was a hard fought contest. Jerry had no idea basketball was such a full contact sport at the Men's College level. The DWU Tigers won with a score of 103-73. On the way out, Jerry met up with Danielle, who has a last name, but he doesn't know it. She was in Classics of Christian Thought with Jerry last term and she also worked at Pizza Hut. Danielle wanted to talk to Jerry, but also had to leave with her friends. So Jerry walked with her, and found out they'd both be in World History tomorrow morning. That will be something to look forward to. Just remember, Bub, you're committed to Jesus now! The Boys at Sonoma State better remember that too, before they lead you astray!
DWU Spring Classes Start
No 8 am classes for Jerry Hinkle this term! This is good, because he's not a morning person. It's also bad, because find a parking space after 8:30 is catch as catch can at Hughes Hall. The walk up on those 3 flights of stairs to World History brought some memories back.
There are 31 students in the 10 am World History class, and Jerry didn't know 90% of them. One thing's for sure, without his good buddy, Dylan in the class, there's no use bringing up any cold pizza, and he wasn't there. Professor Flynn still remembered Jerry in a good way, which is unusual for Jerry, but welcome. This History class is a little different. The supplemental book in this course is "July 1914" It's about the cause/causes of World War I. If Jerry understands correctly, he has to write a 4 page essay on the book and answer the question "Who started the War?". Jerry hopes they are short pages. Somehow Professor Flynn doesn't come across as they guy who will accept "the dude that shot Franz Ferdinand!" written repeatedly for 4 pages. That will have to wait, however. Right now, we are assigned to read the chapters concerning the exploration of the New World. Prince Henry the Navigator, Magellan, and Columbus all figure in this somehow. Jerry will have it read thoroughly and reclaim his title as "King of History".
Jerry's 11 am class for Monday, Wednesday and Friday is Expository Writing. What is it? he doesn't know, but it sounds hard. If He understood the instructor correctly, Jerry believes he is to write a series of four 3-5 page papers as well as a great big 10 page Argumentative research paper. Not even Jerry likes to argue that much!
Jerry had dinner at Subway, since he has the day off work. He needed to sit and relax for a while. Jerry thinks that he may be over his head again , but then he thought the same when he started DWU back in the fall. That turned out better than fine. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate believe that Jerry can do the same here, if he stays on the Message.
Postcard From Arizona
by Mavis Kennedy
Jerry, I just read your blog, and as usual, I do enjoy the messages very much. I am also enjoying the company we had. Kelvin and Donna were here for four days. they left this afternoon however. So that made me sad. We had a great time while they were here, we didn't do that much, as Kelvin was recovering from his back surgery. He is doing great tho. We went to a patio sale or two, maybe six, really. Had lunch out at the casino, which is about 8 miles up the road. Went to old Mexico and got some eye meds and a couple other meds. Lunch on the US, side, at Wendy's. All is good here and the weather was fine till today, today is 63 and windy. Not that I am complaining, because it is still pretty nice. It was in the 70's and no wind, yesterday and a few days before. So I am glad you are back to school and doing So Good. Keep the chin up and head into your work, before you know it the year will be gone, and it will be good. I have all the faith in you and the studies you choose. Best always and a Happy New Year. Love Aunt Mavis
Mexican Travelers are Back in USA
This morning, the Home Office had received word that The Goehring Girls and their respective husbands arrived safely to Fridley, Minnesota at about 2:30 am Sunday Morning. They reportedly had a fun time. No word on when Harold and Mary Hinkle are due back at the Ponderosa, but they're both over 21 and they have their own money, so who are we to tell them to go home.

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