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Friday, January 04, 2008
Publisher Is Finally Finalized

It took almost 2 hours, but Jerry Hinkle is "good to go" as they say for the Spring Term at DWU. The thing that really took the time was writing "Thank You" notes to all of the people that contributed to his scholarship last year. This included a couple letters for the community of Andover, South Dakota. If Jerry ever finds it on a map, he'd like to visit someday. They have a nice Methodist Church over there. They were so nice, they provided Jerry with some much needed money. Not just nice, but NICE! If any of you Readers out there know a Methodist from Andover, for goodness sake shake their hand! Especially if they are kin to Larry Lee Wall, the name on the Scholarship. Larry died about 50 years ago and his family, friends and church started the scholarship.

Just like last term, there was too much financial aid, until he visited the Campus Bookstore. Jerry is going to have fun figuring out which class he needs "the Edible Woman" for. Could be Literature, could be Nutrition (although that would be a stretch) or it could even be History with his old pal Professor Flynn. It'll also be fun figuring out which book is being used it Ethics and Public Policy. Other than that, no surprises.

There wasn't a whole lot of activity going on at the campus, but Jerry did see a few familiar faces. Some people actually remembered him too. That's usually always nice. The bookstore manager remembered his scarf as well.

At any rate, Jerry is ready to meet the new week head on. Will things be as good as last term? That remains to be seen. Things will be different, maybe even scary at first, but Jerry has the Message, and he will heed it.

Obama Takes Iowa

Illinois Senator Barrack Obama, who still sets off the spell check, has won the Democratic vote in the Iowa Caucus. This makes him the front runner at least until New Hampshire has their primary. Micheal Huckabee, The governor of Arkansas, has won the Republican Vote. Some, but not all of us, here at the Holabird Advocate still think Fred Thompson has the right stuff, and will go the distance. Of course that is 11 months away, and much can happen in that time. Perhaps if George Clooney could be his running mate!
Pollmaster General
Since we haven't done a poll since August, the Pollmaster General would like to know what you Readers think of the latest idea of moving the South Dakota Presidential Primary. it used to be in June, then February, now were back to June. Should we move it? Is so, when. Like before, in case there is no clear favorite, we'll have a run off!

When should South Dakota have their Presidential Primary?
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