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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus Tonight!
They say Iowa is where the tall corn grows. Lynette Goehring sent the Holabird Advcoate a rather timely picture of a cereal box that tells the story well. It is our understanding that the caucus starts at 6:30 pm tonight. Anyone who shows up afterwards, well, HARD CHEESE! No late admittance.
So just what is the Iowa Caucus? I asked this Question 4 years ago. The answer appears in another Holabird Advocate rerun later on in this edition. If you loved the Christmas rerun, you'll, well, like this one.
Publisher Has A Leak
No, Jerry Hinkle hasn't fallen under the Curse of Man. this is a leak in McGovern Hall. The pipes in the "B.C", as Em Ferris would say, are causing trouble with the downstairs neighbors. A plumber has been engaged, and will be here this afternoon. This means that Jerry may have to wait until Friday to finalize for the Spring Term at DWU, since he has to report for duty at the Hut at 5pm.
Good Night, Jerry Boy?
While Jerry Hinkle was looking for bargains at Walmart, he discovered several box sets of DVDs for many different television programs. One such program was "the Waltons". The second, third, fourth and fifth season box sets were each available for $20. Jerry decided, since he had $25 to spend foolishly, that he'd buy the fifth season. The one that starts out with John Boy starting the newspaper. Jerry feels a certain kinship with John Boy. Both grew up in the country, both had a poor, but honest raising, by a family that was rich in love. Of course, blogging is easier than running a newspaper. And after a while, John Boy gave up his newspaper to actually do something with his life. Maybe they're not so alike after all!
Another Holabird Advocate Rerun
Originally Blogcast on January 6, 2004
Notice how much has changed, and how much has not, in 4 years!

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