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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
The Holabird Advocate Starts 7th Volume

It was 6 years ago today that Jerry Hinkle premiered the first edition of the Holabird Advocate. Neither he, nor anyone else could have guessed that he would still be at it. The Newsblog has grown from just a creative outlet to an almost institutional status. There are people who, believe it or not, look forward to reading the Front Page everyday. We have changed with the times. We even allow other people to submit material in the interest of the First Amendment. It also helps our Publisher to have more study time when he needs it these days. We've seen 6 years of joy and laughter, and also heartache and tears. The one thing we have not seen is a reason to shut down the Holabird Advocate. Where there is darkness, we will shine the light of hope. Where there is wrong, we will try to make it right. Where there is a need, we will try to meet it.

Six years is the most time that Jerry Hinkle has devoted to any one thing. In this case, it's the Readership. The Readers, and Hinkletons, are what makes this Newsblog great. Without you, it couldn't happen. God has indeed blessed us all!

Starting the Year off Right

After washing dishes at the Hut for almost 7 hours, Jerry Hinkle managed to make it home before midnight. It's been really busy there the last few days, and tonight being Kids Night, it will be especially busy. Jerry wanted to start the year of with communion and prayer, so he got some sparkling "Jesus Juice" (It said "Welch's" on the label, however) and some bread and went to it. This Year of Re-dedication is going to be the best year yet. So far, 2008 is great!

Postcard from Mexico

Hi, all, Happy New Year!

We finally arrived in Mazatlan about 1130 pm Mazatlan time on Sat and got to the hotel about 0200 am after going through customs. We had dry, rotten, cheeseburgers two times on the way over. We had to turn around about halfway and return to Mpls because there was a problem with the plane. Once it landed, the plane could not take off again so that is why we returned to Mpls. We all got off and boarded a new plane and had to wait for a new captain to come and fly us to Mazatlan. Sunday we went to a time share presentation at El Cid and got a free buffet breakfast and sodas and margaritas. Then we walked along the shops and went to the Mega grocery store and bought breakfast supplies for the week. We went out to dinner at the La Casa Country where we started celebrating Ken's birthday. They had dancers there and a Mexican singer and the male waiters even danced. Today, we walked over to the golf course and Ken & Larry made reservations for golfing tomorrow. Then we walked down through more shops today and of course, exchanged money. We ate lunch at a sports bar along the strip, This afternoon we are going on a city tour that we got free (from presentation) and then to a New Years Eve dinner here at El Cid. Tomorrow the rest of us will go and people watch on the beach and then will have a free cocktail hour at the resort. Wed evening we got free tickets to go to the Mexican Fiesta. There are a lot of time share people down here. One guy offered us $100 US apiece to tour their resort plus free day's fishing but we turned them down. Us women get honked at a lot down here at the intersections..could it be our looks? Hope all's well there with you. We are having a great time and lots of fun but what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. Love from the Mexican Travelers

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