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Saturday, December 29, 2007
Hinkles Head South
South of the border that is Mazatlan, Mexico. Harold and Mary Hinkle are staying with Larry and Phyllis Ehlers at El Moro Tower El Cid Mazatlan Those so inclined can find more info about the resort by just googling El Cid Mazatlan and you will find it. Their flight leaves today around 4pm Holabird Time Ken and Joan Hansen will be down there as well. We don't look for too much excitement here. Larry and Ken will golf, Harold will watch them, the ladies will shop. If anything more happens, they'll let us know!
Another Redhead Takes the Plunge
First it was Jerry Hinkle's friend Sierra, now another redhead is getting married. This time it's Kassidee Kennedy, Jerry's cousin who works in the Czech Republic. Her statement reads in part:" I just thought I'd fill you in on the latest excitement in my life: Last week, Stephen flew out to Wyoming, where I was for Christmas, and proposed to me! It's official - we're engaged!" There's no word on if Jerry will be asked to officiate the wedding, although he'll do it $20 cheaper than the next guy. At this point there is not even word if he's invited to the nuptials, as they haven't set a date. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish Dee and Stephen our best. He made a good choice. The surprise flight was a nice touch!
Bhutto Killed by Suidice Bomber
by Jerry Hinkle
Earlier this week Benezir Bhutto was assassinated in what has got to be one of the worse ways possible: A suicide bombing attack. Al Qaeda claims to be behind this horrible event. Ms. Bhutto was one of the few voices of reason in the Muslim world. When Salmon Rushdie was being hunted down because of his book "Satanic Verses". She called for the hunt to stop. She condemned the book, but said that if he was killed the outer world would believe "the blasphemies" in his book. It is ironic that a woman of peace should be killed in such a violent way. If there is any divine justice, Allah will supply her with 72 virgins, since SHE is the true martyr of the faith here!

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