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Friday, December 28, 2007
Publisher Goes Back Home

After taking a quick trip to Kolda's with Harold Hinkle and Larry Nickleson to pick up some beef, Jerry Hinkle took off for Mitchell before the snow fell. It was only an inch. He stopped by the nursing home to see Esther Butzman and Lilian Larson, but ended up in the wrong room. As in most small towns. Jerry ended up visiting there for 15 minutes anyway. Harold and Alice Buchiem have the Butzman's old room. Wayne and Alice Sampson were visiting there as well, so he really got caught up. After he left to find Esther and Lilian, he discovered them both asleep. He stopped by the Come Hahn Inn to tell Agnes Hahn he was leaving. Jerry hit Mitchell about the time his gas gauge started ringing, so he stopped at the Burger King to refuel himself before doing the same to the Thrustmobile. How nice that 10% ethanol is still $2.69 here in Mitchell, if you know how to work it.

Final Grades in for DWU

One more miracle and answer to prayer is that Jerry Hinkle, University Sophomore, has a final grade point average of 3.94, which must be impressive, because some have asked if Jerry is on the Dean's list. We don't know that there is a Dean at DWU,
Seriously though, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate do want to thank you for the love and prayers you send to and for our Publisher.
North of 40:Those were the days
by Red Green
You and your wife pretty much see eye-to-eye. Or as close to eye-to-eye as married people get if they look at each other. But her taste in music is becoming a problem. If she's not playing "Dancing Queen," it's either "Waterloo" or "Can You Hear the Drums, Fernando?" She's worn out three ABBA's "Greatest Hits" CDs and all of your patience.
What you have to understand is that she's not just listening to music. She's reliving her life the way it was before she met you. And if you could go back in time, you'd see her the way she sees herself -- at a disco in a tube top with three pounds of blue mascara and a Harvey Wallbanger. She sure looks hot.
Of course, you looked pretty hot back then too -- three gold chains, four chest hairs and five bucks worth of breath mints. So what if you could walk up to her table and lay this on her, "Who loves ya, baby?" Would you care if they were playing Dancing Queen? No, because "you bad," my friend. And she knows it. So forget about ABBA. You just have to ask yourself ... do you feel lucky, Punk? And if the answer is yes, make love not war.

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