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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
The Final Final is Finalized

The Fall Semester is over for one Jerald E. Hinkle, University Sophomore. Five classes, four finals, and now it's all over with. Of course, the Spring Term begins in two weeks. Of course, it's not all fun and frivolity.Pizza Hut still has a claim to some of his time. He has about $95 worth of books he can read. Perhaps some time in quiet reflection and prayer is in order too. A lot of things happened to Jerry this semester. Nearly 800 total strangers became friends of his, and one of them was his very best friend. That is, until he became, as she says, "high on himself". Jerry also found out that not only are A's and B's possible, for the next few years, they may be expected, and often. Jerry has had quite a few successes, and a failure or two along the way, but a wise man once told him that you can learn a lot more from failure than you ever can from success, or something like that. With each new challenge that presents itself, Jerry can only remember the words of his grandfather, E.E. Hinkle, "Do the best you can. That's all you can do. That's all anybody can do." These next two weeks will be a time for Jerry to regroup and see where he is, where he's going, and where he wants to go from here. Jerry has felt a lot of the prayers that have been sent his way. He knows he's not alone in this. That is what has made all the difference. Thank you all!

Hinkle Checks Out Competition

Because he has the day off from Pizza Hut, Jerry decided to take a look at Godfather's Pizza Express by the Highland Mall. It was an impressive setup, The Godfather himself was there, as was the Coca Cola Polar Bear. Not much of a crowd there as of yet. They had a special deal today. If you buy a large pizza, you get a large one topping for 99 cents. The grand opening goes through this weekend.
North of 40: The balance of nature
by Red Green
When you look back through history, there have been many examples of what I call the beauty and the beast syndrome. Cyrano de Bergerac, Quasimodo, Henry VIII, etc. I'm talking about the stories where a really ugly guy is going after a very beautiful woman. Now, at first it seems like a cruel twist of nature that ugly guys would be the most virile, but I don't see it that way. If you take a man and give him an over-active libido, and also make him good-looking, well, we all have a pretty good idea of what he's going to waste his life doing. So, in order for guys with overactive thyroids to lead productive lives where they make a contribution to society, nature makes them ugly. Women need to find them somewhat repulsive just so the men will be free to find jobs and join service clubs. On the complete opposite end of the scale, you have men with almost no interest in women. In order for them to have a chance to proliferate, nature makes them handsome. So, my theory on men is that the better-looking they are, the less virile they are. I'm not sure how scientific that opinion is.
It may be largely based on me looking at my passport picture.

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