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Monday, December 17, 2007
Busy Weekend, Busier Week

Once Again our courageous, dynamic, Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, has been too busy to come to "work" at our International Headquarters at McGovern Hall. He's not been lazy by half. It all started Friday evening, when there was a fire at Janitor Express, just a few blocks from here. The fire started at around 7:30 pm, but Jerry was at Pizza Hut until 11 pm. There was quite a bit of smoke hanging around, but he did get a little sleep that night. Then he got up early Saturday Morning to walk over to the Salvation Army to volunteer with the MCC. What he did he most was take boxes of food people's cars. He was there for 4 hours. Twice as long as he thought he'd be, and he wasn't even tired. Jerry paused slightly to purchase Nachos Natividad at Taco John's before returning home to get ready for the Holiday Showcase. This event was held in the McGovern Library. Jerry went hog wild buying books. He bought so many that Dr. Boyd Blumer gave Jerry an autographed copy of both of his books absolutely free. Among the tomes Jerry paid for were: "Daschle vs. Thune" by Jon Lauck (a really nice guy, and a great sport), "South Dakota Curiosities", by Bernie Hunhoff (Jerry wonders if the Outhouse Museum at Gregory is in there), "Chief Marine Corps Warrior", by DWU History Professor Sean Flynn, and lastly, "Confederate Settlements in British Honduras" by Dr. Donald Simmons (the man who is at least half the reason Jerry is getting an A in "Intro to Public Service") If buying books wasn't enough, Jerry's favorite songwriter, Amy Price, was selling artworks from Tanzania as a fundraiser so she could make her own trip to that country in may of next year. Jerry thought it would be better to send her than to go himself, so he bought a scarf, knapsack, and other assorted knick knacks. Amy is also working on a special order crocheted cap for Jerry to match his scarf (nearly the same color anyway).
Sunday, Jerry studied for finals,went to Church, studied for finals, went to Koinonia, studied for finals, then went to bed at 11 pm. This morning, he took his finals for Theatre and Classics of Christian Thought. Jerry felt better about the theatre exam. He saw Amy at the Campus Center afterward, which cheered him up (she's good at that). Tomorrow is Philosophy of Life. Start praying, Bub!

Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!
All December long, Jerry Hinkle's mantra was "I have a credit card, and I'm not afraid to use it". well, the seeds sown came up quickly when his credit card was declined at Walmart this weekend. It appears that glasses, pizza, books and sending cute blonde songwriters to Africa is not so cheap. Jerry can pay the bill, of course. But he will have to sit on the Visa card for 5 days. Ironically, that same night, Jerry had to work at Pizza Hut from 5 pm-midnight. Not every lesson is learned in a classroom. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wonder what E.E. Hinkle would say. Jerry thinks he'd just shake his head.

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