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Monday, April 23, 2007
An Answer to the $64000 Question
It has been reported that Jerry Hinkle, courageous dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate will know for sure if he has been accepted into Dakota Wesleyan University soon. Several well meaning friends and relatives of Jerry's have been anxious to here about his admission status. So far it's a definite maybe. A representative from DWU will have a final answer for him as early as next Monday. Our Publisher has been informed that there is plenty of time to register for Summer School once he is excepted. If any of you Readers have connections with DWU, and would like to help him out, the time to do that would be now.
Being accepted into DWU has been called the $64000 question because that is the approximate cost of 4 years at that University. If the answer to this question is yes, the next question will be how to pay for it. Jerry still has that spare kidney.
Justin Hinkle on the Mend
It has been quite a weekend for Justin Hinkle. It was speculated that Justin had everything from the flu to strep throat. At the ER in Pierre, it was decided that he has an ear infection. He was given medicine in both arms and his rear end. Justin threw up on the way home, but has improved slightly since then. The hard part is getting him to take his liquid Tylenol. You'd have an easier time giving him a haircut.
Mary Hinkle Adds a Candle to the Cake
Once again a birthday comes upon the Hinkle family. Mary Hinkle was born on this date quite a few years ago. Last year cousin Onie Neuharth correctly guessed that Mary was plenty-nine. Does that mean that this year, Mary is plenty-ten? Could be!
Mary actually shares a birthday with Lee "$6 Million Man" Majors. In keeping with that theme Mary wants her husband Harold Hinkle to take her some place that is expensive. So he'll take her to the gas station.
Kaitlin Pothast Becomes Sister Kate
This year, Kaitlin Pothast has given up ice skating for dance. Her dance routine is set to The Ditty Bops song, "Sister Kate". She will be performing at the Riggs High Theater on Friday and Saturday night. Harold and Mary Hinkle will be going to the recital after seeing Cade Hinkle's soccer game. Jerry Hinkle hopes if he can't go along that somebody will film it so he can see if Kaitlin can shake it like a bowl of jelly on a plate. He may be late, but he'll be up to date if she can shimmy like Sister Kate!

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