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Monday, April 16, 2007

Hunter Mees Turns 9
by Shannon Walls
Special Corespondent
of the War on Cancer
for the Holabird Advocate
Saturday the 14th was Hunter's 9th birthday! We had a pretty big party for him the week before and he spent this Saturday with his dad and their family. It seems unbelievable that a year ago we were having Hunter's birthday party along with his "end of chemo" party. April 12th, 2006 was the last day he received chemotherapy through the Port-a-cath in his chest. I asked him what he remembers from his birthday last year and he instantly says, "My big party.. oh yeah.. and the fishing pole from Teresa, Mandy, or Alan. I can't remember who gave it to me!" Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to those of you that have continued to ask about how he is doing. And thank you all for the support you gave us when we needed it most!This is a picture of Hunter riding the one of the ponies at the circus just a week ago. He's the one wearing the brown shirt!!! Not the greatest picture but I took it with my cell phone from the balcony of the Huron Arena.
Shrine Circus is Big Hit with Little Hinkles
Kristi Hinkle took Brittany, Shelby and Justin Hinkle to the Shine Circus in Huron. They had their fill of cotton candy, popcorn, fun and assorted nonsense. Justin really enjoyed the monkey wearing a diaper, although Shelby claims it was just underwear. An unusually brave Justin wanted an elephant ride as well ($10 each). Kristi explained that they could either go to Burger King or ride the elephant. The girls out-voted Justin. Cheer up good buddy! There's always next year. Maybe by then you'll have enough money saved up.
Brittany Hinkle Has the Power
Now She's Getting the Point
The 4th grade in the Hyde School District is doing power points of South Dakota History. Brittany Hinkle is doing a report of her family history with pictures going back several generations. Several long forgotten family scandals and closet skeletons such as name changes, adultery and so forth are being brought up again. As E.E. Hinkle might say, "I hope this learns her something." One thing to us that came as big news is that the Van Tassel branch of Brits family go all the way back to Sleepy Hollow, New York. She may even be a great-great-great-great grandaughter to the Headless Horseman. On the Hinkle side, Brit is a descendant of James Chilton from the Mayflower Pilgrims. The report is not going that far back, however. This could be a neat little deal when everything is all said and done.
Tudy Brown Hospitalized
Don Hinkle called the Ponderosa to let his nephew, Harold Hinkle, know that Howard Brown's wife, Tudy Brown, had no sooner got home from a family funeral when she was taken ill. Howard doesn't like to drive at night, so the ambulance was called. Tudy's appendix had burst and peritonitis was setting in. Antibiotics saved the day! As it turns out, they saved her life as well. Don's wife, LaRayne Hinkle is Howard's much younger sister.

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for the special title of Special Corespondent! I'm sure I don't deserve it but appreciate it all the same! We head to Sioux Falls tomorrow for the big check up. He's getting scans, x-rays, Pulmonary Fuction test, blood taken,and a few minor things checked so we should hear how he's doing so far.
Thank you again,
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