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Saturday, April 14, 2007
Highmore Meeting Gets Bigger
Our Publisher worked as an enumerator for the Census Bureau a few years back. It appears someone with those counting skills is badly needed to figure out how many people showed up to the public meeting last Thursday night. Figures from 300 to 400 have been floating around the various media outlets. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that Mary Ann Morford at the Highmore Herald can give us an accurate count. Everyone who attended was called upon to sign their name. Assuming that everyone did, and assuming that nobody wrote names of people who were not in attendance, that list should give us a clue.
Friday the 13th-Unlucky for Some
Yesterday's date has a connotation of bad luck and fornicating teenagers getting murdered at some lake. Well the Hinkles don't believe in luck. Doctor Phil is fond of saying, "The more I work, the luckier I get!" Jerry Hinkle's response is "The more I pray, the luckier I get!".
We don't know if it's prayer, work, or good or bad luck, but Darrel Hinkle had 13 calves yesterday on Friday the 13th. So far calving has been as easy as Hebrew women giving birth in the time of Moses. The only trouble Darrel has had is getting stuck in the mud, but that was today. All of us here at the Holabird advocate don't know for sure if we make our own luch or if God makes it for you. We do know that Friday the 13th is just another day.
Danielle Kline Has Second Time Around
George and Mavis Kennedy left their Winter home in Arizona to attend the wedding of their Granddaughter, Danielle Kline, to a guy named Justin (last name furnished on request). This is not the first time Dani has said "I Do" or whatever passed for vows these days. But as always, All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope it's the last time.
Nobody around here seems to remember if E.E. Hinkle was there for the first time she was married, but we are quite sure he will be there in spirit this time regardless. One point in her favor is that she waited until she was 29 to get married this time. Somehow, we think the old boy would approve.
Of course, as we've said before, getting married is easy! Staying married is the hard part. This is the second time around for both Dani and Justin. Dani has 2 girls from her first time out, and he has 2 boys. Do you suppose Justin's last name is Brady? Well, Dani is a lovely lady, almost as lovely as her Grandma Mavis. As for her daughters' hair color or curliness of same, we can only guess. we do know that somehow this group will form a family. Good luck kids! Send Pictures when you can!
Kassidee Czechs out the Wedding
Dani Kline's sister Kassidee Kennedy came from her home at Prague in the Czech Republic to see the nuptials commence this afternoon in Spearfish, South Dakota. Had the Hinkle's known she was coming, they would have made an extra effort to make the trip out west. We'll bet that sure makes Dani feel really good, but then that's life.
Kassidee will be back in the USA sometime this Summer. About the time Harold and Mary Hinkle go to Europe. Jerry Hinkle will have to come over about that time, providing he can find a good motel. He will also have to find the keys to his car if Harold doesn't give them up. Cheer up, Jerry! There's always the Greyhound Bus! Hopefully jury duty will be done as well.
Tamera Peterson is getting married sometime next month. She and her then husband will be moving from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Des Monies, Iowa by way of Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. Nice work if you can get it! We'd love picture of that as well! Mostly the middle part.
Pollmaster General Indecisive
The latest Pollmaster General question has not yielded a definite answer. Of those who took part, 44% want our little Newsblog to be a part of the fight to save the Hyde county FSA Office. Another 25% would rather let someone else fight for Highmore. The rest believe we should wait until we are asked before we give and assistance. Our Publisher has decided to be objective and try to look at this issue from both sides. That's why we just can't wait for Open Line Friday! Hopefully we'll have something to publish by then!

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