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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Here we go Again
The Ponderosa got an accurate measure of 10 inches of snow this past weekend. Keloland is predicting that this area could get as little as 4 inches and as much as 8 inches of new snow over the next couple of days. The Hinkle family decided amongst themselves to postpone session 4 of the Methodist Church's study on the book of Daniel when Kristi Hinkle reported that the Hyde School District was dismissing school at 1 pm. Better safe than sorry. This new squall, such as it is, at least gave us something to write about.
Mr. Smith: The Sequel
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous, dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
One of the best movies ever made was "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington". The story of Jeff Smith, a common man who is selected to finish the term of a deceased Senator. During my latest hiatus from publishing, I watched a different kind of Mr. Smith on the PBS show "Independent Lens" last night. In the Documentary film, "Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington Anymore". It was quite a film! While it is nowhere near as good as the first "Mr. Smith" movie, it shows that times sure have changed since 1939. This Jeff Smith is nothing like Jimmy Stewart. This Mr. Smith is a short, whiny voiced, potty mouthed Political Science teacher. He is one of a crowded field of 6 running for a seat in the House of representatives from Missouri. In spite of his short comings, he does does a good job of getting grass roots support for his campaign. I found it interesting when he decided to "go negative" for a spell, and then he got back some of his own. To me, he came across as a cheerleader I knew in high school who gave it up to a football player, only to want it back soon after. Some things can't be undone. On the other hand, one has to ask, "If you tell the truth about your, are you really 'going negative'?". I'll wait for the SDWC to answer that sometime.
To make a long story short, he doesn't get to Washington. Two years later, he makes it to Jefferson City as a state Senator. Did he learn anything? Well, Mr. Smith has a blog. See what you think http://www.jeffsmith2006.com/
North of 40: Go Easy
by Red Green
"Don't spend more than one quarter
of your income on housing or one
third of your day on a bar stool."
My wife always beats me at golf. It's not because she's a better golfer than me. OK, she is a better golfer than me, but it's not because of that. It's because she doesn't swing hard, and she doesn't hit the ball very far. Her mistakes are always shorter than the width of the fairway. Whereas I put everything into it, so when I make a mistake, it's an over-the-fence, out-of-bounds, through-the-parking-lot, out-onto-the-highway kind of mistake. I guess for most of us golf is similar to climbing the corporate ladder or being on a date -- it's safer when you don't go too far.

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