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Saturday, February 24, 2007
Weekend Blizzard Forces Caution
Keloland is predicting 4-8 inches of snow for the Holabird area. Some are saying we may have a foot already. Several parts of the state are under a travellers advisory. We have been informed that there will be no service for the Methodist Church in Highmore tomorrow. Harold Hinkle reports that it's slicker than Dick Cheney on the road and the sidewalk. Mary and Jerry Hinkle were so busy looking at the snow blowing that neither one of them heated the chicken in oven for dinner, so they had soup. Jerry said, "I prayed for this snow, so I got the right to watch it". The blizzard rated a very weak 2 on the Harold Hinkle scale at times, meaning that the second telephone poll was not always in view. Tomorrow may not be a day of rest for the cowboys at the Ponderosa when it comes to feeding time. Harold Hinkle may have to remind his oldest son that he prayed for this snow when the time comes.
Mary Jo and Betty Seize An Artichoke
We have and answer to the question as to how to seize an artichoke. Mary Jo Nemec tells us that it means to seer the artichoke. That sweet talker, Betty Crocker, says that sear means to "Brown meat quickly over high heat to seal in juices". The answer is somewhere in there.
We would have answered this question sooner on the Front Page, but Art Vandelay of the Ditty Bops web site found our little Newsblog and so we stayed quiet until the heat went down before he figured our our Publisher's secret identity. No need in him getting seared and seized along with all the artichokes now! Is there?
More Americans killed by illegal aliens than Iraq war, study says
by Jim Brown
of OneNewsNow.com
Illegal aliens are killing more Americans than the Iraq war, says a new report from Family Security Matters that estimates some 2,158 murders are committed every year by illegal aliens in the U.S. The group says that number is more than 15 percent of all the murders reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the U.S. and about three times the representation of illegal aliens in the general population.
Mike Cutler, a former senior special agent with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (the former INS), is a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and an advisor to Family Security Matters (FSM). He says the high number of Americans being killed by illegal aliens is just part of the collateral damage that comes with tolerating illegal immigration.
"The military actually called for the BORTAC team, ... the elite unit of the Border Patrol, to be detailed to Iraq to help to secure the Iraqi border," Cutler notes. "Now, if our military can understand that Iraq's security depends in measure on the ability to protect its border against insurgents and terrorists, then why isn't our country similarly protecting our own borders?" he asks.
"We are not five and a half years, nearly, after 9/11, and yet our borders remain open," the Center for Immigration Studies fellow observes. "We have National Guardsmen assigned on the border, but it turns out they are unarmed," he points out. "Their rules of engagement are very simple: if armed intruders head your way, run in the other direction."
This situation would "almost be comical if it wasn't so tragic," Cutler asserts. "If our borders are wide open, this means that drugs, criminals, and terrorists are entering our country just as easily as the dishwashers," he says.
The report from FSM estimates that the 267,000 illegal aliens currently incarcerated in the nation are responsible for nearly 1,300,000 crimes, ranging from drug arrests to rape and murder. Such statistics, Cutler contends, debunk the claim that illegal immigration is a victimless crime. "Then we even have another problem," he adds, "and that's the Visa Waiver Program."
The federal government's Visa Waiver Program enables nationals of certain countries to travel to the United States for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa. According to the U.S. State Department website, the waiver program was established in 1986 with the objective of "eliminating unnecessary barriers to travel," stimulating America's tourism industry, and allowing the government to focus consular resources in other areas.
Cutler says the U.S. retains the Visa Waiver Program because the nation's travel, tourism, and hospitality industries want America's borders wide open. In other words, the former INS official contends, the nation's security is being compromised in the name of trade.

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