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Thursday, February 22, 2007

How to Seize an Artichoke
The Ditty Bops have a recipe for something called "Artichoke Al Judeo" on the February page of their 2007 calendar. The recipe instructions read in part: "Crush baby artichokes with the back of a heavy saute pan. Quickly seize artichokes in hot palm seed oil..." this begs the following questions: "How does one seize an artichoke?" And also "How can one know when it has been seized properly?" Surely there is someone out there who knows the answer to these questions. Isn't there someone out there who was so hungry during the Depression that they actually seized an artichoke to eat it. Or possibly an upscale chef who provides this service to the discriminating palette of upper class clientele.
This has provided some of the members of The Ditty Bops board with a head-scratching moment. Any help that can be provided from out there is welcome.
The Hurdles are Jumped Now we Wait
The Admissions staff at DWU has all the information they need from our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, for them to make up their mind whether or not to let him enter the university at the Summer or Fall term. all of us here at the Holabird Advocate are hoping for the best, and are reasonably sure that we will have a new home office in the next few months.
Goehring Sisters Plan European Tour
Mary Hinkle, Joan Hansen, and Phyllis Ehlers are working on some details for their trip abroad this Summer. The way things are looking, they will fly to Berlin, Germany and work their way up to somewhere in Norway. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but possible stops along the way are the concentration camp at Dachau in Germany, and also Hoyvik (the approximate Norwegian for Haiwick), and Stavanger in Norway. One thing is for sure, they'll appreciate the benefits of being an American a whole lot more after they get outta there. How do we know? Because Knute Haiwick left Norway in a hurry and never went back. Smart guy!

OK as a Food Channel addict (well what else does one do when their only job all night long is to stay awake) I believe that to seize something would mean to sear it.
Oops---not finished yet. The word is also used to describe what happens to melted chocolate if water gets into it. (This also happens if you try to put food coloring into almond bark---ruined a whole batch that way once. Chocolate will also "sieze" if it is overheated which easily happens if you use the microwave to melt it (as you can see I've had a lot of experience ruining things).
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