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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
The Ditty Bops to Show in Minnesota
The Ditty Bops announce that on Friday, March 9, 2007 they will be performing at 7:30 pm at the Varsity Theater at 1308 4th St. SE in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The tickets will run from $17-19 plus fees This is a show for ages 18 and upwards. The Ditty Bops will be appearing with special guest Jesca Hoop! Tickets are on sale as of today, February 14 at Ticketmaster.
They will also be featured on an upcoming episode of the L Word on Showtime on March 4. Go HERE and look for episode listing #409 for details. And they have just started posting a new bi-weekly comic called "The Environmentalist's Dilemma" check it out here!
Mary Hinkle Checks Out OK
Harold Hinkle took his wife Mary Hinkle to Pierre for a doctor appointment. The object was to see what may be responsible for her RHS. They seem to blame it on the medication. Apparently the generic Toprol is only half as effective as the name brand. That's what they'd have us believe anyway. A good dose of prayer helps out as well.
Jerry Hinkle went along. His assistance was not needed, and in Harold's case it was not wanted either. Jerry had to pick up anther hour of Tracfone time had a few shaving accessories. At the dollar store, he found a 10 pack of razors for $1. They were ladies razors, but the bargain price just proved to be too much for him.
The Hinkle's saw Mary Jo Gran at the Countryside Hospice Thrift Store. It was odd not to see her with Orville, but then time apart is good for a marriage. It's the same way with eating. Time away from the kitchen makes the food taste better when one goes back. They also saw Myron Kusler at Burger King without his wife Mabel. The guys he was with didn't have their wives along either. Perhaps the ladies went to McDonald's
Publisher to Take a Brake
Because of the Lay Speaker Training in Onida, our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle will be in Onida on Friday and Saturday. That leaves Thursday to study. So we'll be back on Monday with all the news that is news, and some of the news that isn't news. Until then, as E.E. Hinkle always used to say, "God be with you and do the best you can!"
North of 40: No Inanimate Objects
I've worked on enough cars and lawnmowers and sump pumps in my life to tell you for a fact that there is no such thing as an inanimate object. Every machine and structure is a conscious being with attitudes and feelings, and they're all directed toward you. You may think the lawnmower doesn't mind you taking its engine apart, but wait until you get to the last bolt. You'll skin your knuckles, you'll break your wrench, you'll round the head off. That's because the lawnmower doesn't like you. It's mad that you ignore it all winter and then expect it to be ready to go with one quick pull. That should be an important life lesson for you. Every time a machine breaks down, a barbecue blows up or a concrete block drops on your foot, that's not an accident, it's a wake-up call. However, when a concrete block falls on your head, it's just the opposite.
War on Canceer Report

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