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Monday, February 12, 2007
"War on Cancer" has Battle in Highmore
One of Prairie Deacon Media's other blogs, "War on Cancer" has all of the details for "Toosday Tacos" an event to benefit "Steps For Hope" that is being sponsored but the First Bank of Miller. Read all about it here:http://wardeclared.blogspot.com/2007/02/give-cancer-montezumas-revenge.html
Mary Hinkle has RHS Attack
Friday Morning, Mary Hinkle had an attack of what we are calling Restless Heart Syndrome, because that's the best name for it. Her heart beats really fast for no known reason. This was her third attack of RHS so far. It always seems to strike her at about 1 am when she is usually in bed asleep. by the time she got to the Pierre hospital, her condition was not so bad. She is going to Pierre again tomorrow to have the doctor give her the old poke, prod and cough routine.
The reason this news is late getting out is because the Hinkle family is not all that concerned about it. If things were truly of a serious nature, Mary would have at least been put in the hospital overnight. Besides that, everyone in her immediate family hadn't been informed about this attack until last night.
Coming Soon to a Methodist Church Near You
Instead of waiting for DWU to see if they want him or not next term, Jerry Hinkle has decided to pick up with his Methodist Ministerial Education. Jerry is planning to go to a Lay Speaker Training Class in Onida on February 16-17. Mary and Kristi Hinkle are also planning to go along with him as well. This is a 10 hour course spread over a period of two days.
With 9 Methodist Church Parishes needing a minister, and at last report, 3 applicants to fill those vacancies, Lay Speakers are a valuable source of ministerial supply. When the Pastor goes on vacation, or is ill, a Lay Speaker can always help in a pinch.
That is precisely what Jerry wants to do. To travel all over the South Dakota Countryside, helping churches in need wherever possible. Too bad Harrisburg isn't in Jerry's district. He would be able to keep certain lawyers awake during the service with his unique delivery style that he learned from watching "The Red Green show"
Even a Genius Has an Off Day
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
After reading John Zilverberg's latest blog entry, I noticed something odd. John had accused me of being wrong. It seems that he claims I told the world he is 92, when he is in fact 93. http://johnzilverberg.blogspot.com/2007/02/wrong.html
After reading the Front Page of the Holabird Advocate,(which I simply must do more often) I saw where I went wrong. It seems that I had reprinted a remark made by Richard Harter that gave John's approximate age as 92. I must admit that when I reprinted that excerpt, I knew it was incorrect and made no steps to correct it. I'm sure that Mr. Harter would have printed the correct age had he known it. I am slightly amused to see that there is something Mr. Harter doesn't know, since reading his website usually makes me realize how truly ignorant I am. At any rate I apologise most humbly to John, Mr. Harter, and all of others of those who I have wronged here.
John's nephew, Shorty Zilverberg, is having a birthday today. I think he's 48, but I could be wrong (it has happened you know). If that is the case, I'll be more than happy to correct it.

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