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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Prairie Deacon Media Declares "War On Cancer"
This morning at 10 am Holabird Time, Prairie Deacon Media has officially declared "War on Cancer" with their new website. The battle plan so far is to recruit "soldiers" to share information, request prayers, and let the reader know about fundraising benefits. There will also hopefully be survivors who will share their "war stories" on the site.
Our Publisher promises that his won't be like the "War on Ignorance" that he started 5 years ago. Victims of that disease would rather stay that way. Not so with cancer!
To read the newst blog in the Prairie Deacon Media family go to: www.wardeclared.blogspot.com
Why do they call it Peanut Brittle?
Harold Hinkle ran off a new batch of his famous peanut brittle. It isn't like it used to be since replacing Aunt Martha (a Sears Kenmore microwave oven circa 1980) with a new microwave oven. His peanut brittle is now harder than Bob Dole on Viagra. In fact, it is so hard than Mary Hinkle, his wife of 43 years, broke off a tooth and has to go to the dentist in Miller tomorrow. At their age, perhaps softer food should be the order of the day. Mary has switched to soup, which will help her considerably in the long run.
Cable Guy on TPIR
The other day, Harold and Jerry Hinkle heard a familiar name on The Price is Right. It was none other that Keloland's own Shawn Cable. Jerry noticed that he looks taller on the game show. Must be the Keloland weather lab equipment that make him look so small. Mary Hinkle found this link to the Cable Guy's appearance:
Wegner Auto Wins National Award

Our good freinds at KCCR tell us that a Pierre business and a national association will celebrate 100 years of growing together this weekend. Wegner Auto will receive a Century Award from the National Auto Dealers Association at its national convention in Las Vegas. Both the business and the association are celebrating their 100th year anniversaries this year. Jenny Wegner, who owns the company with her brother, Jim, says the Pierre company has been a member of the National Auto Dealers Association for most of that century. She says not many businesses nationwide are receiving the award. Wegner says she is most proud of the fact that the Wegner family has owned the business all 100 years.
The award presentation also comes during Wegner’s busiest day, Saturday’s Blizzard Sale. Wegner will represent the family and business at the national convention. She says it was important for the family to be at both events. Wegner Auto plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary throughout this year.
The Hinkle family hopes to celebrate with them. Every year Jerry Hinkle goes to the BS, looks for Williams and Ree, and also Hank and Tony, and finds out the car he wanted to buy was already sold to someone of the Native American persuasion. He then shrugs his shoulders, has a bag of popcorn, a hot dog, and some soda in a paper cup. He then repeats the digestion process until he is full or until Hank and Tony show up and ask Doug Hinkle if he knows this bum. Doug usually looks the other way, or he says, "what bum?". As it happens, Doug doesn't work there anymore, so this time he doesn't care if Jerry shows up again this year or not. Whether or not Jerry shows up will depend on the weather. Harold and Mary Hinkle are thinking of going to BS for dinner, and then to the Lutheran Churches Lutefisk and Swedish Meatball supper that night, providing they can find cousin Onie to buy a ticket.

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