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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Slight Changes Made to Newsblog
We've had a couple complaints about the look of our Front Page on certain Internet browsers. On the bright side, one petitioner actually had a solution to the problem (shocking as that may sound). We thought the problem was caused by the beta conversion last month, but we forgot that around that same time we installed an avatar declaring support for SDPB. Our Publisher removed the avatar, and hopefully that will correct the problem. Since the home office browser did not detect this problem, we will rely on outside forces to let us know if it worked.
War Declared Tomorrow
The new Prairie Deacon blog "War on Cancer" is looking for some soldiers to fight the battle with stories of struggle, inspiration and hope to share on the new site. If any of you out there have battled cancer yourself, or had a family member or close friend do the same, we invite you to join us.
Senator Sutton Censured
Keloland is reporting that the full State Senate has censured State Senator Dan Sutton. The 32-2 vote came after three days of hearings before a special committee last week. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate have a feeling that this story is not going to go away, as much as it should. Let's hope someone has learned their lesson.
North of 40:Target practice
by Red Green
When it comes to advertising, middle-aged men are becoming a larger and larger target, both individually and as a group. When you see any of the following features, you can be sure the products are aimed at guys like us:
Relaxed fit
Guaranteed for life

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