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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Miss South Dakota up for Miss Congeniality
Last night, during a Reality TV style competition, Callee Bauman, the reigning Miss South Dakota became one of three contestants for the title of Miss Congeniality in the Miss America Pageant. The camera, or at least the cameraman, sure loves her, as Ms. Bauman was featured quite a bit in the CMT show, called "Pageant School". While she isn't exactly a shoe in, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate think that she has about as good of a chance as a lot of the other contestants. We also think the contestants from Texas, Colorado, Utah, Vermont, and maybe even Delaware could give her some stiff competition. She may not be the prettiest contestant at the pageant, but she sure isn't the ugliest. Of course, whether it's win, place, show, or even if she comes in 52nd place, she is still the best that South Dakota has to offer. So fill your fuel tanks with ethanol, if you can, and then vote Callee Bauman for Miss Congeniality on the following web address:
A New Used Car
Harold Hinkle saw an for a used car dealership that had a car like his big Buick Car. He and Darrel Hinkle went to the dealership yesterday, gave it the once over, and darned if Harold didn't buy it. Harold didn't disclose the purchase price, but said he could buy 10 cars like Jerry Hinkle's current taxi for what he paid for this unit. It is a 1997 Park Avenue Buick with a red interior. The only major diffences seem to be the white exterior, a broken drink holder (Hinkles don't drink while they drive anyway), a compact disc player,and fluctuation in gas mileage. Harold claims that the car gets 10-90 MPG depending on where and how one drives. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate will believe it when we see it. It's been said that there was as much computer technology in Apollo 13 as there was in this car. Does that mean that they'll have to call Houston whenever they, well you know, have a problem.
Harold claims he was looking for a car for Jerry, but Darrel says it's too good for Jerry. It is for a fact, but then it's also too good for Darrel as well. If Jerry had a car that nice, he wouldn't drive it on the Holabird Grade, that's for sure.
Cabin Fever Weekend
When Harold Hinkle drove his new set of wheels home, he brought Cade "Tater Salad" Hinkle with him. They had planned on having all kinds of winter fun on the snowmobiles, but with single digit temperatures and strong winds, Cade wasn't having it. Darrel Hinkle brought his kids over to the Ponderosa the next morning. This didn't warm up the weather, but it did increase the noise level in the house. Every once in a while a fight breaks out, somebody cries, somebody else gets sent to the "naughty couch", but at least there's no swordplay like in some families when the January weather gets cold.
Sutton Getting Censured
by Jerry Hinkle
It appears that the South Dakota State Senate is getting a censure recommendation for Senator Dan Sutton. This basically means that the Senate will shake it's collective finger (although we don't know which one) at Senator Sutton and say, "You've been very very naughty". It's a nice compromise move. After all, he was elected to his post, but, as most of the better blogs have already said, he did break the most important rule of politics. It's a good rule.
That is not to say that I believe what was said about him. The accuser and his collective of witnesses were not all that believable. Some came off to me as arrogant, slight spoiled, and goofy. One witness had to take notes to keep his story straight. As my former Sunday School teacher, Mike Newton, used to say, "I can't lie, my memory is not that good."
I'm not sure what, if anything was proven by the Sutton hearings. I'm sure this isn't the end. I predict other legal action. At least this part is over. The sad part is, we are no closer to the truth then before the hearings started.

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