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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Dan Sutton Hearings Enter Second Day
State Senator Dan Sutton is being investigated for doing some rather unspeakable acts that we won't speak of here. Plenty of other blogs are going into detail, and some are showing no mercy. However,our Publisher's grandmother reads this one, if she wants to know more, she can either read another blog or watch Keloland. One thing that strikes us as funny is that people are actually more upset that he records daytime dramas and watches them at night than they are of the actual unspeakable act he's being accused of doing. The amazing thing is that the two dramas he records, "Bold and Beautiful" and "Days" are on at the same time. How does he do it?
Our Publisher watched as much of the hearings as he could stand yesterday on www.keloland.com which wasn't easy, because every half hour or so he had to reload because the demand was so high. He won't be watching the hearings today. He'll just see what Keloland has at news time.
The Hinkles Get Home
It was a long way and a long day for Darrel Hinkle family yesterday. They went from Springfield, Illinois to Holabird. They made a few stops along the way, but decided not to stop in Forrest City, Iowa. They had trouble finding the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth Minnesota. Perhaps it isn't there anymore.
The trip was hard on all concerned, but especially hard on Darrel, who picked up a flu bug about the time they hit Gann Valley. Kristi Hinkle decided to let the girls stay home from school today to get their homework done and just rest a little bit. They'd better get all the rest they can, because their city cousin, Cade Hinkle, is coming to the Ponderosa for a visit
North of 40: It's Automatic
by Red Green
I was at an antique car show this week and the biggest evolution of cars in the last 50 years is in the area of sleekness. A 1951 Chevy was tall and narrow. The cars of today are low and wide. To explain this, you have to go back a little further to when there were no cars at all. In the days of the horse and buggy, the driver and passengers sat up straight so that the bumps wouldn't throw anyone's back out. The early cars are based on the same principle. You can't make a sleek car if the people inside it need to sit up straight. So some automotive engineers made the decision that people didn't need to sit up straight. That changed everything. That's how they get the cars of today to look so sleek. They've got us all lying down. Lying down in cars. No wonder teen pregnancies are up.

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