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Monday, January 22, 2007
John Zilverberg Gets Own Blog
For some reason, Jerry Hinkle's partnerships with John Zilverberg never work out. First they played the card game, Whist, as partners, but Jerry kept forgetting when to duck. Then they shot pool, but Jerry sunk the 8 ball on his first shot. Now it seems that John has been unable, even with the help of his grandson, Seth Zilverberg to link up to the Holabird Advocate. So John has started his own blog. It's called "My Opinion by John Zilverberg". You can read it yourself at: http://www.johnzilverberg.blogspot.com/
You might not agree with the opinions expressed, but you'd better respect them. Had it not been for John and the other lads of his generation our lifestyle would be very different from what we know today.
We noticed that Seth got John syndicated through Atom as well. Jerry should be so mad that he starts a karaoke cavalcade. But if the truth is known, he's just glad that everything went so well with the set-up. After all, we are not competing with John, we are competing with ignorance. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish John the best. Our Publisher is always available to consult if the situation warrants
Hinkles Homeward Bound
Darrel Hinkle called to let the home folks know that he and his family were on the way back home. They hope to be in Springfield sometime tonight. There has been some confusion as to whether he meant Springfield in Missouri or Illinois. Regardless of where he meant, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate are praying for a fun, but safe, trip home for the Hinkle family.
Publisher Signs up with Tom Peters
Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate, has signed up for Tom Peters newsletter. Tom Peters is a best selling author and consultant that specializes in finding offbeat businesses and unique methods for those businesses to succeed. Federal Express and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream are two of his best discoveries. As to why Jerry signed up for the newsletter, those who know him best have already figured it out. For everyone else: it was free!
Pollmaster General for Campaign 2008
With just about a year before the Iowa caucus, Campaign 2008 has been getting off to a somewhat early start. There are so many candidates to chose from. But which one should it be? They all have points in their favor, or detriment. Last year, the Holabird Advocate endorsed two candidates, and they both lost. Let's see what you, the Reader, think of the major candidates in the race right now.

Who should the Holabird Advocate endorse for President in 2008 ?
Hillary Clinton
John McCain
Barrack Obama
Forget those hacks! I'm thinking "Hinkle for President"!
Ask me next year
Free polls from Pollhost.com

After a week and a half in a car with the Hinkle kids maybe the Springfield Darell was refering to was in South Dakota. Next you may get a call that they stopped in Plankington.
As it turns out, it is Illinios.
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