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Friday, January 19, 2007
Quinn Book Ready For Release
Jackie Quinn of Wildflower Ministries is proud to announce that her book "At the End of Myself: Redefining Strength by Embracing Weakness" will be available for purchase shortly after the end of the month. The website http://www.jackiequinn.com/ is also being updated. It will debut with a more current look and streaming audio from both Cd's among other much needed changes. Jackie will have a book review and column in the winter issue of Spirit of the Plains Magazine, the second best magazine in City of Yankton, and possibly the State of South Dakota. Their website is located at http://www.spiritoftheplainsmagazine.com/
Hinkle Extend Vacation
Darrel Hinkle and his family are having so much fun that they've decided to stay in Georgia for a few more days. They expect to be home sometime Tuesday night. Atlanta has been drizzling, but Augusta is alright. Darrel and Kristi have called at different times with reports but nothing has been heard from the kids point of view. Perhaps they are having so much fun, they don't want to call home.
Methodists Offer Bible Study
The Methodist Church in Highmore is offering a weekly Bible study on the book of Daniel. The Bible study series is authored by Beth Moore. If enough are interested, there will be both an afternoon and an evening session anyone in the area is interested please contact Jerry Hinkle at publisher@gmail.com for more information.
What's Happened To Free Speech?
by Jerry Hinkle, Holabird Advocate Publisher
It all started with Mel Gibson. He supposedly said a few anti Semitic things while he was hauled in for DUI. Then that Kramer guy said the N word. Then the guy who plays the heart surgeon on "Grey's Anatomy" said the F word (No not THAT F word! The other one! The one that rhymes with maggot!) You say one little thing, suddenly everyone is in an uproar. All the same old questions come up, "Will ____'s outburst cost him his career?", "Will his apology be accepted?". I got one, "Who the ____ Cares?" Not me!!!
Don't we still have a first amendment in this country? I mean so a "celebrity" goes a little nuts. Or perhaps speaks out of turn. It's his country too, right? I guess not! When did the freedom of speech apply to everyone but these three guys? Why are they singled out? More importantly, who'll be next?
Of course, I can't present the problem without bringing about my own unique solution. Here it is, and it's a dilly. Substitute the word you're thinking of with an word insult that offends nobody. Are you ready? The word is: Politician! Think about it. All the late night comics rip on the President! Nobody says ____ about it either. If Gibson asked that cop if he was a politician, do you think the media would have made a stink about it? I don't thinks so! If Kramer said, "Hey look, it's a bunch of politicians!" would Letterman need to have him on his show to apologize? Probably not! If that heart surgeon had called T.R. Knight a "politician" would the gays and lesbians have been all up in his Cool Aid? Not likely! So in a nutshell, my solution is this. Instead of calling a spade a spade, call a spade a politician, or a Republican, or even Democrat is you're in South Dakota. When you break it all down, the only names that you can get by with calling someone in this politically correct world is "Politician" and "Christian", and I don't advocate anyone using the word "Christian" as an insult.

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