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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Where is the Global Warming
While Al Gore gets a pat on the back from the environmentalists for his global warming film, All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are scratching our heads. So are some folks in Yankton are probably wondering why it was -20 the other day. How about all those Texans who are now and have been getting snowed on? We await Al Gore's explanation. Heck we'd like to hear Cliff Clavin's explanation, being that it would probably make more sense!
The Next Step
Now that he has sent away for his last transcripts, Jerry Hinkle wonders what new challenge will come up. His mother, Mary Hinkle, wants him to get a job at the Highmore Nursing Home. That sounds like a tall order, but the last time he was there, they appeared to be rather short staffed. When Sadie Single hit her head the other day, it took what must have seemed like, for her at least, forever to get help. Also, when he was visiting Nada Mewes a little later on, she had rung for someone to help her sit up, and nobody came for the entire length of his time with her. Jerry knows several of the people that work there, and they are all top notch. It's just too bad there aren't more of them.
Jerry has heard also about Charlie Jennings, who grew up in Hyde County. He works as a tree surgeon, and recently took a tumble from one of his patients. He likes to have visitors, and people have claimed to enjoy visiting him. Even though Jerry doesn't know Charlie, he just might see him next time he goes to the nursing home.
Georgia Swimming Hole Goes Dry
The Hinkle kids are not having all of the fun they were promised. The hotel they are staying at has the swimming pool closed for renovations. On top of that travel in the area is slow because of freezing rain and drizzle. It's not all bad, as the kids are getting to see their great grandmother, Irene Van Tassel. This is the first time for Shelby and Justin Hinkle, the third for Brittany Hinkle
A Message from God
What Every Terrorist Should Know
as told to Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
You have heard it said that if a man dies in Jihad he will be gifted with 72 virgins. But I tell you that each and every one of them will be exactly like Rosie O' Donnell.

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