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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Another DWU Barrier Broken
After looking hither dither and yon for his transcript from the Meyer School of Broadcasting in Beautiful Downtown Minot, North Dakota for what seems like ages, Jerry Hinkle has, with a whole lot of help from his mother, Mary Hinkle found out where to send his information request. He was even able to download the correct form for the exercise. By this time tomorrow, the form should be well on it's way to Bismarck for processing. Then we'll see what else can get in the way.
Hinkle Arrive in Georgia
It wasn't the fast trip they'd hoped for, but the Darrel Hinkle family made it to Augusta, Georgia in one piece. They called home at about 9 pm Holabird Time. There were a few delays getting while around Nashville and they went through Atlanta during the PM drive time rush hour.
But now is when the fun begins.
Waiting for John to Link
Internet trafic has been up ever so slightly to 41 hits per day in anticipation of John Zilverberg's first post to the Holabird Advocate. A link has been sent but there seems to be a few delays. John believes that his grandson Seth Zilverberg may have to help him out. Every time our Publisher goes to John's place, he's either out bowling or shooting pool and doing whatever else your average 93 year old man does to keep in shape.
Harold Hinkle advised our Publisher to expect a note from Doug Hague any day now. However, Jerry believes that whether or not one agrees with John's points of view, he has earned the right to his opinion, not only at Iwo Jima, but in many other places in the Pacific Theater of WWII. It wouldn't surprise us if John had met Eric Shackle in Sydney, Australia during John's tour of duty in the USMC.
Agnes Hahn Gets "Ugly"
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate have heard it all now! America has "Ugly Betty Fever" and Agnes Hahn has got to be the oldest carrier of the disease. As Agnes puts it, "She's ugly, but she's cute".
Agnes asked her grandson, Jerry Hinkle if he watches "Ugly Betty". He readily answered a very truthful "No". Apparently, there are TV shows he won't watch, and that is one of them. He doesn't buy into all that hype. He went through that with "Gilmore Girls" a show that was recommended highly to him. However, 30 seconds into the first episode that he watched, Jerry decided that those "girls" talk too much and say too little!
North of 40:What's in it for you
by Red Green
There comes a time in the lives of most men when you realize you've treated your cars better than you've treated your own body. You've even treated rental cars better than your own body. But it's not a rental car.
You can't ditch it in the woods and then report it stolen. Are you one of these guys? Is it possible that you haven't kept yourself in showroom condition? There's an easy way to find out. Stand in front of the bathroom mirror. Don't actually look directly into the mirror; you're not ready for that shock yet. What you do is open up your medicine cabinet and look inside. Remember how when you were young, there'd be some toothpaste and maybe some mouthwash in it? What's in there now?
Antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, antidiarrheals, antidepressants (in case the antidiarrheals don't work). Your medicine cabinet used to be practically empty, now you've had to build on. Anti-fungals, unguents, ointments, poultices, patches, plasters, salves -- all these bottles and tubes spill out onto your sink counter, the top of the toilet tank, every horizontal surface in your bathroom. Decongestants, muscle rubs, eye drops, wart remover, hair restorer, nasal sprays, denture cleaner, antacids. If this sounds like your bathroom, it's time to take stock of your health. And time to buy stock in a drug company.

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