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Friday, January 12, 2007
Publisher Renounces Throne
Under the "You get what you pay for" category, Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate has discovered that there are several other folks with the title of Imperial Majesty of Peevish St. Victor. Rather than suffer the humiliation of being exposed as a pretender to the throne, he has given up all claim to that no doubt noble land. Beside that, he couldn't find out where the dang place was.
There is good news however. Since Ms. Amanda is so fond of Lady Godiva Chocolate, Jerry has decided that he may try to become Earl of Coventry. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate think she should settle for being the Clown Prince of the Ponderosa.
Sale Day for the Ponderosa
Darrel Hinkle shipped his calves to market today. They sold at around 1:45 pm Holabird Time. The price was not exactly what he'd hoped for, considering he fed them all that corn twice a day, but he'll make do like a lot of others have done. The rest of the Hinkles watched the calves sell on the Internet. Isn't this 21st century something?
Cold Snap Descends on Holabird
The Hinkles woke up to -5 this morning. It never got above 0 all day. On top of that the water was frozen up in the house and Harold Hinkle had to go next door to his dad's old house to get water enough to make oatmeal. After space heaters darn near burned down the house, Harold got the water flowing again. Good thing, because Hyde County still has a burning ban going on.
The cattle are able to drink as well, although one of Darrel Hinkle's tanks are acting funny. He is thinking about postponing his family's long awaited trip to Georgia that they were scheduled to begin tomorrow
Kassidee Kennedy Located
Despite Mavis Kennedy coming up short of the Bingo Jackpot, Kassidee Kennedy has let her grandma know that she is safely tucked away in her dormitory in Prague, Czech Republic. Kassidee's mother, Donna Kennedy has a knock for finding super cheap tickets from the Czech Republic to Wyoming and back again. Kassidee still hasn't reported a thing about her trip to Berlin for Thanksgiving. She has, however, expressed interest in staying in Prague for at least another year.

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