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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

S.D. Watch:Where Acne Control Meets Abstinence
There's a new blog in the state called Abstinence Clearinghouse. May we be the last to welcome them into the neighborhood. The site is about as user freindly as a porcupine. It is also difficult to understand. It is funny in spots, but one fears unintentionally so. Be that as it may, it has convinced all of us here at the Holabird Advocate to give Abstinence a try. Well, actually it just puts us out of the mood.
Getting us in the mood is SD Watch and Epp Law Reports take on the site. Todd Epp has advertising in different spots on this site and it just so happens that his report on the Abstinence Clearinghouse is sponsored by an acne control system. Barney Nemec may have to help us here, but doesn't one of Newton's Law's of motion state that "Two forces, equal but opposite equal zero"?
You can read all about it on Mr. Epp's site. Check it out! It'll make your day:
Tony Goehring Turns Cement Artist
Agnes Hahn reports that her grandson, Tony Goehring from Aberdeen, paid her a visit last night. It appears that Tony works for the outfit that is running cement for the new Bar JZ shop. after putting his his day's work, the crew he was working with goes to the Prairie View Motel. Tony asked his boss if he could use the company car to visit his grandmother. Being the family freindly sort, he agreed. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate would like to see the kind of job they are doing sometime.
Ten Questions With TaBitha
by Jerry Hinkle
Just to remind everyone, I asked 10 questions of 3 people, none of which asked about their name, age, occupation, or income. As I did with SDBWM, the last question is about their favorite Johnny Cash Song. This is because I believe that his music is universal and you really can tell a lot about a person from their favorite Cash song.
1. What was your first impression of TaB?
T. Nasty tasting stuff
A. Once was enough
B. Not so good
2. Have you or anyone else you know about (names withheld) ever become addicted to the bizarre chemical taste of TaB?
T. Yes, a woman I used to work with popped one open at breakfast every morning and drank it throughout the day
A. A lady I bowled with tried to quit, and got these migraine like headaches
B. My sister
Interesting that none of the ladies questioned weren't addicted, but they all knew "somebody" who was
3. Some have said that Coca-Cola, (The makers of TaB) simply put Tab in cans marked "Diet Coke" to make it more marketable to men. Do you believe that?
T. Possible
A. I've never tried Diet Coke so I couldn't say
B. I think Diet Pepsi tastes more like Tab
4. When TaB was "new and improved" did you notice any difference?
T. No
A. Well anything would have been an improvement
B. It was new and improved?
5. What, if anything, drew you to TaB?
T. It was the only diet soda sold in the pop machine at nursing school
A. It was either that or Highmore water
B. It was a fab, I guess
6. Kids in the 70s didn't want to drink TaB. Wasn't that an indication that something was "wrong" with it?
T. Yes
A. You got a point there
B. my daughter snuck a taste and yelled, "THAT'S YUCKY!"
7. If you had children, did any of them have birth defects caused by TaB?
T. 0 kids at the time
A. I never believed that by the way, and no
B. Not that I know of
8. Were there any side effects of TaB that I forgot?
T. A very bad after taste
A. I switched to coffee
B. Not that I can think of
9. If TaB made a comeback would you buy it?
T. No way!
A. You're kidding, right?
B. It'll never come back!
10, And now for something completely different. What's your favorite Johnny Cash song?
T. Ring of Fire
A. What does that have to do with anything!
B. Walk the line

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