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Saturday, January 20, 2007
State of the Newsblog Address
Walking Through The Open Door
by Jerry Hinkle
This year, 2007, is our fifth year online. It is the Year of the Open Door. Last year at this time we had a total Readership of 11420. At that time the total was double the previous years total. I express doubt that it could continue, and sure didn't, as the current total is 21360. Of those Readers, 33% come back, the same as last years percentage. It may be because our little Newsblog is in a period of stagnation. Last year, our stock was trading Blog$hares for $40.07. Now it is down to $26.64. We also lost our Audblog service. Of course, not that many people want me to find a new one either. Perhaps our greatest loss was of the best source of material we could ask for, my Grandad. His life was an inspiration to us all. He has gone through that great Open Door
There is one bright spot. The number of hits per day has risen from 24 to 39. This can be attributed to at least one of two things. We have received more than our share of promotion from our state's greatest informational resource, "South Dakota Magazine". Also there is a certain anticipation to read what John Zilverberg has to write. I am proud that John wants to be associated with us.
No report on 2006 would be complete with out a mention of Hunter Mees. It was just 51 weeks ago that Governor Marion Michael Rounds gave Hunter his own holiday. Things were looking kinda iffy for him, but now he's doing great, and getting better every day. The only bad thing about his improving health is that some may forget all about him. I hope that I will never forget and always remember Hunter Mees, and what he has taught me, even though we've never met. Young people like him and my cousin Morgan Hoffman remind us how short life can be if we let the dark, disturbing doubts take over our heart and mind. Take nothing for granted and keep on believing and praying.
Many opportunities will present themselves to you, and to me, and to us in the next 12 months. Some will be good, and some not so much. Let's hope we can tell them apart as we look forward to 2008.
In conclusion let me say, God bless you all, God bless America, and God bless the Holabird Advocate! While we're at it, let's all bless God right back! Our first opportunity of the year!

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