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Monday, January 15, 2007
Another First For The Holabird Advocate
John Zilverberg to Become Oldest Blogger in South Dakota
The details have yet to be worked out, but John Zilverberg of Highmore, formerly of Holabird, is on his way to becoming both the newest blogger on the Holabird Advocate and the oldest blogger in the whole state.
This afternoon Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic Publisher of the Holabird Advocate went to see John to see if he was so inclined in linking up with our little Newsblog, and he was so inclined. Jerry and John shook hands to make it official.
John asked Jerry about this last month, and the possibility intrigued him. John is well respected as both a rancher and a man of business. He has served his community and his country well as a United States Marine. More importantly he has the one characteristic of a great blogger. He has an opinion, and he's not shy about it. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are both excited and anxious to get John started. Eventually we expect he will go out on his own and form the Bar JZ blog or something of that nature and put us out of business.

Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

I don't know how old John Zilverberg is, but as he, like me, served in WWII, he must be in his eighties.

John and your other readers may like to see a story I've just written about the world's oldest blogger, Maria Amelia, a Spanish grandmother, who is a lively 95.

The story was published by the South Korean citizen reporters' journal, OhmyNewsInternational:

Best wishes, Eric. Author of The World's First Multi-National e-Book: http://bdb.co.za/shackle
Thanks Eric! That may prove to be interesting!
BTW John is 93 years old!!!!!!
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