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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
VOL. V Issue 11R
Ice Ice Baby
Holabird woke up to a sheet of ice on the ground, which made the roads and the sidewalk slippery. Even the gravel had to be tread upon with caution. It wasn't ideal traveling weather, but Harold and Mary took Agnes Hahn to Platte and back to bury Ilah Hansen. Harold reported that the trip went better than expected.
Who's the Mechanic
Marion Maginnis has been critical of the modern day mechanic. He claims they are nothing more than replacers of parts. That's why Marion would be proud of his nephew Harold Hinkle. The corn rolling machine at the Ponderosa has a baring cease up on it. Darrel Hinkle took care to measure the baring for a future trip to town. Harold used a nickel worth of grease and a dime worth of WD-40 and got the baring moving again. Some say Harold is tight with money, but he just spends it only when necessary.
AFA Boycotts Ford
So, have you driven a Ford lately? Back in March, the American Family Association (AFA) called for a boycott of Ford Motor Company. In a statement at that time AFA stated, "We asked Ford to remain neutral in the culture war over homosexual marriage, as Wal-Mart has decided to do. Ford refused and elected to throw their company resources behind the promotion of homosexual marriage. Prior to the recent elections, Ford Motor Company sent an e-mail to their salaried employees pointing them to Ballot.org for information on how to vote on issues including homosexual marriage. The Ford-recommended Web site urged voters to vote against constitutional amendments which defined marriage as being between one man and one woman in Arizona, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
For has been in financial difficulty lately. Perhaps this is part of the problem. Not that it matters, but all of us here at the Holabird Advocate drive GM cars. Our Publisher wouldn't trade his Buick for any Ford car. Maybe a Ford truck, but not a car.
North of 40: Car Care
by Red Green
I have a friend who wanted a new car, but he had to talk his wife into it. He really loved this car. He suggested that since they had an important anniversary coming up, they could buy the car for each other. That way each of them would own half of the car. That's how bad he wanted this car.
Well, the magic day came and he brought the car home. When his wife wanted to take it for a spin, he stopped her, pointing out that he owned the driver's side, which included all the controls and the gearshift, whereas she should stay in her half, which included the glove compartment and the lighted vanity mirror on the sun visor.
He doesn't seem to like the car all that much anymore, now that he's living in it.
Publisher's Notes
by Jerry Hinkle
Let me start out by letting you know that I am not going to actively boycott the Ford Motor Company. I'm just reporting that it's going on with links to back up the claim. Like Alan Jackson, I'm crazy 'bout a Ford truck. As he sings, "If I had money, tell you what I'd do! Go downtown, buy a Ford truck or 2." Right after I buy my Dodge Viper.
I'll be taking the day off tomorrow. I'll be preparing the 1000th post of the Holabird Advocate, which, Good Lord willing, will be online December 1. I'll also have the last of the Ditty Bop calendar pictures for the year, and if anyone wants more on this site, they'll have to buy next years calendar and send it to me. I'll also have my pick for the Person of the Year for 2006. It won't be Todd Epp, but there's still 2007. As some of you may recall, back in January, I said that somebody will have to work really hard to beat Hunter Mees for the title. Well, someone did! When you here her story, I think you'll agree that we picked the right person for the honor.
Did anyone notice that Grandad's obituary did not mention that he was the "Week-end Update" Person of the Year in 2001? Not much of an honor is it? How soon they forget! Even more forgot about the "Week-end Update". Oh Well! Join me Friday of the 59th Monthiversary of the Holabird Advocate. That's all for this Month! See Y'all in December!

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