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Thursday, November 16, 2006
VOL. V Issue 11L
Original Name Still The Greatest
In the end it wasn't even close. The Holabird Advocate is retaining the name it has held for almost five years. Holabird Advocate Readers voted, and 60% of them want the name to stay the same. SDWC will still be the best educational blog out there. The Readers have also asserted that our Publisher is nowhere near ready to place his feet in SDBWM's shoes. And nobody will be calling him "Caesar" anytime soon. There will be a one change however. Effective December 1, the UBS Network will be disbanded. Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, will make himself available to do freelance blog consulting, whether the client wants it or not. He would also not be adverse to a few joint ventures, should the need arise (which it probably won't).
Jerry is also hoping to get to DWU to seal his educational deal sometime in the next two weeks. Hopefully by then his car will have an odometer that works.
Publisher Gains a Nephew
Don't read this article unless you want to feel old. OK, for the rest of you, Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle is not losing a niece, he's gaining a nephew. His oldest niece, the former Jaimie Pothast, was married to John "Dexter" Donnen some time back. The new Mr. And Mrs. Donnen will be coming to Pierre for Thanksgiving to see home folks. Jerry hopes to welcome his new nephew into the family, even though it was a bit sudden. Jerry believes one shouldn't curse what the Heavenly Father blesses. Kind of an "If you can't beat 'em join 'em" situation.
Amanda Nolz to Speak at SDCA Convention
According to the Tri-State Livestock News, the program of the South Dakota Cattlemen's Association, the 58th Annual Convention and Trade Show will feature Amanda Nolz, the 2005 National Beef Ambassador as a Breakfast Meeting Speaker on November 30. In the event that there is a question and answer time, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that someone will ask Ms. Nolz what the Humane Society does that is anti-agriculture. After checking their website, it appears they are mainly concerned with animal fighting and animal cruelty. These are two things that we are opposed to as well, of course we can't speak for Ms. Nolz.
Our Publisher admits that animals do fight on the Ponderosa, but it is not encouraged. Nobody seems to want to try to separate the bulls when they try to mark their territory. The cats fight at night, and nobody wants to get out of bed to stop that either.
We are wondering if perhaps the Humane Society was mistaken for the terrorist group PETA. If Ms. Nolz wants to go up against PETA, more power to her! We'll do all we can do to help her in that fight. We need bona fide proof before we slap leather against the Humane Society.

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