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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
VOL. V Issue 11J
Baptists Get "The Word"
From Holabird Advocate
The First Baptist Church of Sioux Falls holds the distinction of being the first place of worship to log onto the Holabird Advocate Newsblog. At least as far as we are aware. They have a very good website, check it out here: http://firstbaptistsf.org/
The Holabird Advocate has also picked up traffic from the Northern Valley Beacon. David Newquist, a man we've never met, has said some of the nicest things about our little Newsblog, and it's courageous, dynamic Publisher. Modesty forbids us from going into too much detail about it, so read it all here for yourself: http://northernbeacon.blogspot.com/2006/11/south-Dakota-blogs-on-propagation-care.html
Former Holabird Girl Raises Adoption Awareness
Our friends at the Dakota Radio Group report that adoption advocates are working to raise awareness and increase the number of adoptions placements in South Dakota. The number was 250 last year. One such advocate is Chellee Nemec. She is a co-founder of Sioux Empire Adopt. This Sioux Falls area organization started earlier this year as an umbrella for other groups that are in the adoption business. Chellee, who grew up in the Holabird area, says that the number of adoption placements in the state are too low, and something has to be done. If anyone can do it, Chellee can. Go get 'em kid!
Houston, You're Problems Are Over
When Barney Nemec was growing up, had he told someone he was going to build a space station, he'd have been laughed at. Word from his mother is that this very day he has a job working on a new space station for NASA. The exact details of his job have not been revealed at this time, but if Barney is behind it, you can bet your bottom dollar (and you may have already) that it will be the best.

Thanks for the shout-out, but that ain't our sign and I think the world needs to know that. Please remove it from your site or risk the fact that Jason Folkerts might do a cartoon about your blog!
In all seriousness, this sign does not represent FBC well and I ask you to remove it.
We've all heard that old insult "he ain't no rocket scientist" well in the case of my baby brother Barney it isn't true because he is a rocket scientist.

Part of the reason cousin Chellee has taken the lead as an adoption advocate is no doubt because she was adopted as an infant. I'm glad to see she is active in such a worthwhile cause. "You go girl."
Mr. Aseltine,
Yours is a reasonable request. I meant no disrespect, of course. If in the future, you would like to send you true sign, I would be happy to post it on the Front Page. From your website, I see that FBC does great work all arounf the world. Your a credit to the faith. Also I'd hate for Jason to waste his considerable talent on small town guy like myself. I'm sorry, truly sorry, if I offended you in any way.

We are all proud of Chellee and the work she has done, I second your notion most profusely
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